April The Giraffe Live: Thrilling Changes Underway As Labor Nears, Watch Cam Now

There are thrilling changes underway for April, the giraffe, as she nears active labor and you can watch it live online in the cam below. The 15-year-old reticulated giraffe lives at the Harpursville, New York, Animal Adventure Park (AAP) where she and zoo staff are preparing for active labor that will take place during a live streaming feed. Amazingly, April managed to keep the exact timeframe of her pregnancy secret causing many to expect her to enter active labor first in January, and then in February.

Now, as March comes to a close, some are hoping she holds out just a little while longer and has an April Fool’s day baby calf. Others are hoping she has her giraffe baby now. While we might not know the exact due date, or the day April’s active labor will begin, significant changes show that she will enter active labor soon.

If you haven’t watched April, the giraffe, live, you can view the cam in the video playlist below. Also included are featured AAP videos showing exclusive and unique behind-the-scenes footage from the park and the giraffe barn.