QPR Manager Harry Redknapp Rips Players Of Queens Park Rangers

London, England – Harry Redknapp is the new QPR manager just a day after the previous Queens Park Rangers manager Mark Hughes was sacked for failing to deliver results despite an expensive overhaul of the QPR squad lineup. In England the London soccer club is currently at the bottom of the Premier League without a win. Even worse, in all of their 12 matches so far the players only managed to eke out a mere four points.

According to USA Today, Harry Redknapp decided to start his career as a QPR manager by blasting the players for their lack of performance:

“The players have to be at it — the buck stops with them,” Harry Redknapp said, ripping the players of QPR. “I know Mark [Hughes] lost his job, but it’s down to the players. He could only do what he could do. The players have not performed to their potential. There are some good players here and they really need to step up and start performing. They are man enough to know they’re to blame for the position we are in.”

Harry Redknapp is known for turning around soccer teams and he hopes to do the same with the Queens Park Rangers. Harry Redknapp was named Premier League manager of the year for 2009-10 after taking the Spurs to Champions League qualification for the first time. Like the QPR, in October 2008 the Spurs had scored a miserable two points from eight games. In the following season Harry Redknapp led the Spurs soccer team to the quarterfinals in Europe to win eighth place.


From Harry Redknapp’s enthusiasm it sounds like he’s planning on doing the same thing with QPR:

“I’m delighted to be back in the managerial hot-seat at QPR,” said Harry Redknapp over on CNN. “When I spoke to the shareholders and they told me about their plans I knew this was too good an opportunity to turn down. There’s no doubt there’s a lot of ability in the squad, but for one reason or another things haven’t gone as well as everyone expected since the start of the season. I can’t wait to get to work and get the results necessary to kickstart our season.”

For all you soc-cough-football fans out there, what do you think about Harry Redknapp becoming the new QPR manager? Is Redknapp correct to rip the players of the Queens Park Rangers?