#UberBae: Twitter User Msixelaa Picks Up A Woman Headed To Her Boyfriend’s Place

They call her #UberBae. The social media user who goes under the handle “Msixelaa” on Twitter and Instagram has gone viral with a harrowing tale of what happened when, as an Uber driver, she picked up a woman who was excited to visit a man. Throughout her Twitter story, Msixelaa explains everything she did for the woman on the way to her destination, and how ugly that Uber ride became once Msixelaa realized that the woman was headed to the place where Msixelaa’s boyfriend lived.

As reported by the Rickey Smiley Show, the whole incident happened when the Uber driver known as Msixelaa picked up a woman who was headed off to have sex with some man, and that man ended up being Msixelaa’s boyfriend.

“I even let her use the AUX cord.”

Msixelaa explained that her boyfriend had told her a tall tale about needing to travel to New York to see his mother, whom he claimed was in the hospital. Msixelaa had just stayed with him the previous night, and her boyfriend went through the trouble of packing “air” in his luggage and setting the bags by his door. The two said goodbye to one another the next morning and Msixelaa got in her car and her boyfriend drove away as if he was about to drive to the airport.

Msixelaa moved the story forward to her now-viral Uber passenger pick up date, with the driver explaining that she picked up a woman at the airport. That woman proceeded to enter the address of Msixelaa’s boyfriend’s apartment complex in the GPS, telling Msixelaa she was in town to visit her boyfriend, not knowing the man was also Msixelaa’s boyfriend.

The woman kept going on and on about how excited she was since she hadn’t seen her boyfriend in a long time. Msixelaa related to the woman, telling her that her own boyfriend had just left town. The Uber driver even allowed her Uber customer to drink the water in the backseat of the car. The woman began playing love songs, and Msixelaa was jamming right along to the music.

Upon arriving at their mutual boyfriend’s apartment complex, the women eventually realized they shared the same man once he told the passenger his apartment building number. Msixelaa’s stomach dropped as they approached the familiar building and she saw her boyfriend’s car parked outside, when it should have been sitting in an airport parking garage. As the man exited his apartment to come help woman No. 2 with her luggage, Msixelaa wrote that she went crazy. The boyfriend ran away, wrote Msixelaa, but not before she caught up to him and started landing blows on him.

That’s when the woman No. 2 began hitting the Uber driver, trying to protect her boyfriend. However the woman forgot that her luggage was inside the Uber car. Msixelaa was amazed to see her boyfriend try and protect the other woman, who began kicking Msixelaa’s car.

Msixelaa admitted she was heartbroken after awhile, with her heart literally in pain from all the physical fighting and drama. She called her friends and realized her navigation was instructing her to go back to her boyfriend’s place, because she forgot to end her Uber fare. That’s when Msixelaa realized that the woman’s luggage was still in her car, and she began contemplating calling Plato’s Closet to sell some of the items in order to get more money than she earned from the Uber fare.

Meanwhile, “Uber bae” followed up with screenshots of text messages between her and her boyfriend, showing him pleading with her to return the woman’s items.

[Featured Image by Seth Wenig/AP Images]