Rob Kardashian Fears Blac Chyna Will Expose ‘KUWTK’ Secret Amid Tyga Rant

Rob Kardashian fears Blac Chyna will attack him on social media after making it known that her ex-boyfriend, Tyga, had been failing to make child support payments.

The former stripper, who shares a 4-year-old son named Cairo with the rapper, shared via Snapchat that her former beau had been telling Rob Kardashian that Chyna was calling him numerous times a day, making it seem as if she was trying to reconcile with the 27-year-old.

During her Snapchat rant, as BET reports, Chyna explained that the only reason she’s been contacting Tyga was due to the fact that he had not been making child support payments, and that the move to tell Rob Kardashian that she still wanted to be with the rapper was very distasteful.

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Chyna is furious and she didn’t hold back when she took to social media, telling her millions of fans that her ex-boyfriend was spreading lies to Rob Kardashian before insinuating that the “Faded” hitmaker was broke and has cheated on Kylie Jenner on multiple occasions.

Blac even went on to insist that Tyga was hooking up with men. She concludes her rant by saying that she has evidence for everything she mentioned on Snapchat, and while it may all be true, Rob Kardashian is scared that he could potentially be Chyna’s next victim.

Having struggled with depression, anxiety, and diabetes, Rob Kardashian has lived quite a complicated life since his disorder kicked into full effect in 2012. The last thing he would want is for his baby mama to share his deepest secrets with the world in the way that Blac has done with Tyga.

The former stripper had already made it known that she was furious to even hear that Rob Kardashian was still communicating with Kylie’s boyfriend; she sees no reason why the duo would even discuss matters concerning her reasoning for calling her baby’s father on multiple occasions.

The socialite, who claims to have more money than the former Young Money artist, has made it clear that she doesn’t care about somebody’s personal life, or the secrets they’ve confided in her about, because when people such as Tyga are allegedly spreading false rumors, she will do more than get her revenge on them.

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“Rob’s terrified,” a source tells Hollywood Life. “The fact that Chyna could lash out and say such hard things about Tyga means that she could say the same if not worse about Rob!”

“Tyga may be a lot of things, but one thing he’s not is a bad father. Rob knows that first hand because every time King Cairo’s been with him and Chyna, Tyga would call, ask to speak to King and check up on him. Chyna’s clearly going through something.”

Having spent an entire year with the former exotic dancer, Rob Kardashian knows that his ex-girlfriend has a short temper, so getting under her skin could lead to severe consequences, and the last thing Rob would want right now is to find himself being ridiculed on Chyna’s Snapchat.

And it certainly doesn’t help for Rob Kardashian to also be facing a custody battle with the 28-year-old, who has reportedly told friends she plans to fight for full guardianship of Dream Kardashian, fearing that Kardashian isn’t well enough to take on the responsibility of parenting a child by himself.

With his multiple disorders, Blac has good intentions at heart to get Rob Kardashian the help he needs before he can even consider the idea of fighting her plans to win full custodial rights.

Kris Jenner is said to be supporting Rob Kardashian in his attempt for joint custody, though a simple log of events that have seen Rob spiral out of control or enter a hospital for his diabetes condition can easily provide evidence that the 30-year-old has done anything but care for himself.

This has begged the question of how Rob Kardashian can then possibly raise a child.

What do you make of Chyna’s move to blast Tyga, and do you think Rob is next?

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