October 27, 2016
Clowns Kidnapping 2016 Sightings: More Creepy Watchers Spotted In Three New States As Citizens Panic

More clowns allegedly kidnapping in 2016 have been reported in three new states. One of these states happen to be Florida, which might disprove a previous theory about these creepy clown sightings.

Early on, there were reported to be odd connections between the clowns and the monster from the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's IT. The author of the novel has come out to claim that these sightings scare him, being a little on-edge about clowns himself. The way the sightings kept creeping northward in the East Coast and wandering the South appeared to be a pattern eventually leading to his home in the state of Maine, where most of his stories take place.

Now sightings have been reported in Florida, Colorado, and Virginia. The latter of these follows the pattern of northward travel, but the others obviously break the pattern, as well as others in Texas and Ohio as reported by USA Today. Rumors may still be persisting that it's all an elaborate marketing ploy to promote the upcoming IT remake.

Many celebrities do similar things, though not always as disturbing. For instance, Tom Cruise's marriage to Nicole Kidman seems to have been timed between three films together. It started around Days of Thunder, and ended around Eyes Wide Shut, indicating that the relationship may have been a ploy to get audiences in the theaters. His timing was similar with Katie Holmes, who had just been cast in Batman Begins when they married, and later divorced just before Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. Some use method acting, such as Jared Leto (Suicide Squad) and Shia LaBeouf (Nymphomaniac), to help them make the character as realistic as possible.

That is only speculation, of course, but the coincidence is suggestive with the rise in clowns reportedly attempting to kidnap children in 2016. The popular theory is that they lure children with candy into the woods from a highly visible location in order to kill them. The possibility alone is sending much of the United States into a panic, almost rivaling the tension surrounding the Presidential election.

Residents of Florida in Marion County and Palm Bay have reported seeing these creepy characters, meaning it's definitely not just happening in the South. A woman in Marion County reported seeing two clowns staring at her from across the road as she was walking her dog. Nothing came of it that anyone is aware of, but authorities are looking into it. The Palm Bay sighting came with video evidence, as a clown was seen standing silently on the side of the road in the dark.

In Virginia, a mother and daughter spotted a clown staring at them from a nearby car during rush hour. According to WTVR, the clown turned out to be a 12-year-old boy who happened to be a fan of Stephen King's work, and not a threat at all.

[fb link="https://www.facebook.com/cbs6wtvr/posts/10154016827487426/"] Virginia mother reveals her son as the clown, and not a threat. [/fb]

Another sighting in Augusta County on Saturday came from a father who had been fishing with his two sons after 9pm. A clown had been seen around the edge of the woods.

On September 28, Fort Collins Police Services and Poudre School District were made aware of a threatening message to the students on Facebook from someone with a clown as their profile picture. The profile has since been deleted, but authorities are investigating. Online profile pictures are often used to make a person appear more intimidating, as Negan from The Walking Dead and Joker from Suicide Squad have been making their rounds lately. In those cases it doesn't mean anything other than being a fan of the show.

There has been little in the way of actual danger from these creepy clown sightings, never mind kidnapping, in 2016. The coincidence of clowns being spotting staring at people at night could easily be an unfortunate set of elaborate pranks, though the timing of Stephen King's upcoming film seems suspect. Pranks such as these have gotten YouTube channels in trouble in the past, so it's unknown what's really going on.

Authorities are investigating every report in case one of the sightings ends up being something more.

[Feature Image by Paul White/ASSOCIATED PRESS]