‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: ‘When The Dead Come Knocking’

The Walking Dead fans will have to wait until the final episode before the Mid-Season break to see Daryl and Merle Dixon reunite, if spoiler alerts are accurate. Even though “When the Dead Come Knocking” episode is not expected to offer the chance to see the brothers once again come face-to-face, there will still be plenty of action and drama on AMC Sunday evening.

Merle briefly showcased a sliver of humanity when he nearly defied The Governor when stating he wanted to go search for Daryl. The tenderhearted Merle moment quickly disappeared. Merle will take great pleasure in torturing Glenn and Maggie during the next episode of The Walking Dead, according to spoiler alerts.

The older Dixon sibling allegedly gives Maggie the evil eye. The Governor is expected to behave in a very vile manner toward Maggie. Some fans of the comic series predict either Merle or The Governor will rape Maggie in front of Glenn to find out where their group is camped. The Governor could not care less about a sweet family reunion between Merle and Daryl, but he is very invested in finding out all the details about the revival survivor group, according to the Boston Herald.

The Walking Dead spoilers indicate that Merle will lock Glenn in a room with a “biter” during “When the Dead Come Knocking” episode. As Glenn and Maggie try to keep their lips sealed about the location of their group, Michonne fills Rick and the gang in about Woodbury.

Meanwhile, Andrea manages to stay out of The Governor’s bed long enough to make herself useful in the research lab at Woodbury. She and the doctor begin conducting an experiment to find out if the walkers retain any of their base memories after the leave the realm of the living.

According to The Walking Dead spoilers, Carol survives and is overjoyed to be back in the secure prison block with the group. Carl is expected to finally decide on a name for the baby. By the end of the end of “When the Dead Come Knocking” Rick and The Governor’s groups are just inches from meeting and embarking on what is expected to be a bloody confrontation. The new character of Tyreese, played by Chad Coleman, is also expected to encounter Rick’s group near the end of the next-to-last episode before the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead.