Nicki Minaj Texting ‘Sexy’ Nick Cannon To Spite Mariah Carey Amid ‘Shether’ Feud

Nicki Minaj wouldn’t rule out the chance of dating Mariah Carey’s ex-husband Nick Cannon, it has been alleged.

The female rapper, who has found herself in multiple feuds in recent months, is allegedly said to be hitting on Cannon, having communicated with the entertainer via Instagram’s direct messaging, Hollywood Life claims.

Cannon recently started his own YouTube series, which sources say Nick Minaj is totally obsessed with. Nicki Minaj finds the videos hilarious and couldn’t help letting Nick know that she’s a massive fan of the content he’s been producing on the video-sharing platform.

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Nicki Minaj also noted that Nick’s body was looking “sexy” in one of the videos that she watched, making it evidently clear that she’s not abstaining from the idea of flirting with the man who used to be married to Minaj’s rival.

It has begged the question of whether Nicki Minaj’s supposed comments in Cannon’s direct messages are genuine or whether she’s just hoping to land herself a date with Nick in the hopes of getting under Mariah’s skin.

Her move in doing so would stem from the fact that Carey entertained the Remy Ma “Shether” feud even further by releasing a remixed version to her hit song “I Don’t” featuring YG and the Terror Squad female rapper, Hip Hop DX reveals.

The move to record a new version with Remy Ma was said to have been intentionally done to gain publicity from the drama concerning the mother-of-one and Nicki Minaj, whose beef erupted after the “Starships” hitmaker subliminally dissed Remy on Gucci Mane’s “More Love.”

According to Hollywood Life, Nicki Minaj definitely has her own ideas as to why she would entertain a potential date night with Nick, and it seems that getting together with the 36-year-old would mostly be to get a reaction out of Mariah.

“Nicki instantly fell in love with his Vlog. He was being his funny, quirky self while dropping knowledge at the same time and Nicki Minaj was captivated,” a source shared. “You know she loves a smart, conscious, and sexy brotha who’s down for the cause.”

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“She was [even] turned on looking at his hot a** body in his workout pics. She DMed him on some cool stuff, letting him know she admires his work and his talents. He was thankful of course. It would be a lie to say Nicki doesn’t think he’s sexy because she does. She’s interested in connecting with him to see what can happen from there.”

Nicki Minaj has not allowed Mariah Carey’s remixed song to stop her from continuing to work on her forthcoming album. The rapper has allegedly told pals that she’s refusing to let any of the drama she’s experienced in recent months to distract from her plans to drop a new body of work later this year.

Nicki Minaj has acknowledged that Mariah wanted to add herself to the feud and that she has, but Carey isn’t going to get the reaction she’s looking for. Instead, Nicki is going to make her plans backfire and potentially hook up with someone that’s still close to Mariah’s heart.

“Anything that Mariah can do that would get under Nicki’s skin is something she will be interested in at all times. This track with Remy was very calculated even though Remy doesn’t bash Nicki in the song.”

News of Nicki Minaj’s supposed plans to allegedly hook up with Nick Cannon comes just weeks after rapper Future reportedly shared his concerns amid the feud with Remy Ma.

The “Mask Off” star suggested that Nicki Minaj should move to Atlanta with him to avoid all the chaos and drama that she was surrounded by in Los Angeles and New York City.

It’s unclear whether Nicki Minaj took Future up on his offer.

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