Goldberg Gets Heat For ‘Miserable’ Remark, Explains Side Ahead Of ‘WrestleMania’

Bill Goldberg’s comments about being “miserable” with his current WWE run seem to have gotten him a lot of heat with the WWE Universe. But he wants to make one thing clear, with WrestleMania 33 only three days away — those remarks have been taken out of context.

For some, it seemed as if Goldberg didn’t seem too happy to be back in WWE when he made comments on Edge and Christian’s Pod of Awesomeness about being “miserable” since his unexpected return late last year. Speaking to WWE legends Edge and Christian, Goldberg talked about the physical price he’s had to pay since returning to WWE after a 12-year absence from in-ring competition.

“I’ll be honest, I’m miserable,” said Goldberg, as quoted by Fox News. “I’m absolutely miserable. Nobody get me wrong when I say I’ve been miserable throughout this, but I am. I’m miserable. I’m bloated 24 hours a day. I’m stressed 24 hours a day. I don’t sleep, but it’s a small price to pay.”

Goldberg also touched on his WrestleMania 33 match against Brock Lesnar, and how fans seem to be expecting him to be the same Bill Goldberg he was during his heyday. Prior to his late-2016 return, Goldberg had last wrestled in 2004, taking part in a poorly-received match against Lesnar at WrestleMania 20.

“I’m 13 [sic] years removed from the business. I can’t name a power wrestler who has come back 13 freaking years afterwards. And then, within 20 pounds of what he was back then.”

After several publications posted excerpts from Goldberg’s podcast appearance with Edge and Christian, many fans took to social media to accuse the 50-year-old Universal Champion of not being grateful for being brought back to WWE despite his age and ring rust. Some fans also brought up his match against Lesnar, which has often been cited as an example of how WrestleMania 33 seems to cater to casual and lapsed fans, as opposed to “hardcore” fans who follow the current WWE product.

Some other users, however, argued that Goldberg’s “miserable” comments were taken out of context and that he was merely referring to his physical state, and not how he feels he’s been treated by WWE since returning.

With all the backlash he’s been getting from fans, Goldberg took to Twitter earlier today to clarify things, and he did confirm that he was indeed referring to his physical conditioning and training, and not anything else, wrote Wrestling Inc. The publication also noted one important detail many fans missed out when Goldberg spoke with Edge and Christian – as he had been away from the ring for over ten years, that made his current stint with WWE his “toughest” so far.

All in all, Goldberg isn’t miserable with WWE — in fact, he believes his run has been “frikin’ awesome” thus far.

“*NEWS FLASH* Since this is chapping my ass let’s get the record straight…..this @wwe run, experience is frikin’ awesome…. honored, humbled, truly appreciative and then some,” Goldberg wrote. “I’M MISERABLE PHYSICALLY BECAUSE IT TAKES A MONUMENTAL EFFORT, BOTH TRAINING AND EATING, TO TRY AND BE CLOSE TO WHAT PEOPLE REMEMBER…. I STRIVE TO BE THE BEST….. RESULTS ARE GREAT BUT IT DOESN’T MEAN THERE ARE NO BUMPS ALONG THE WAY.”

Bill Goldberg will be defending his Universal Championship at 'WrestleMania 33' against Brock Lesnar. [Image by WWE]

Due to Goldberg’s advanced age and long layoff from competition, his two WWE matches since his comeback have lasted no longer than a minute-and-a-half. That may suggest another short-and-sweet match at WrestleMania 33, and one where Lesnar may get his revenge and beat Goldberg for the Universal Championship. But as the Inquisitr wrote earlier today, there’s a chance WWE may pull off a “major swerve” and have Goldberg beat Lesnar to retain the belt.

Goldberg’s Twitter post clarifying his earlier remarks also suggests he’s training hard and hoping to put on a satisfying match at ‘Mania, one that might not end so quickly like his 86-second win over Brock at last year’s Survivor Series, or his 22-second win over Kevin Owens at Fastlane earlier this month.

Now that Bill Goldberg has confirmed he’s not “miserable” with his WWE run in general, what are your expectations for his WrestleMania 33 match against Brock Lesnar? Do you think he should return to retirement after his short-term WWE deal expires, or would you like to see him in more matches in the future? Let us know in the comments below.

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