‘Ghost In The Shell’ After-Credits Scene: Will There Be A Glimpse Of A Sequel?

Those who see Ghost in the Shell this weekend will want to know if there’s an after-credits scene that could give a glimpse of a sequel to the popular sci-fi series.

For moviegoers who never bothered to wait until the very end, the after-credits scene is one that plays after all the credits have rolled and the movie is largely over. These scenes are generally just a one minute or less, and they offer a glimpse of a new plotline that will be introduced in a coming installation or wrap up an unresolved piece from the movie itself.

These after-credits scenes are common in action movies and something of a standard in superhero movies, and one would appear to be a good fit for Ghost in the Shell. The movie is the introduction to a popular graphic novel series, so there’s a good chance that a strong box office showing could lead to more Ghost in the Shell movies.

In the movie, Scarlett Johansson plays Major, a human who survives a car wreck and is cyber-engineered to become the perfect soldier. Major is called on to stop a terrorist ring that has the ability to control people’s minds while also uncovering the circumstances surrounding her own mysterious crash.

It’s the kind of science-fiction movie ripe for an after-credits scene; one that wraps up a bit of the remaining mystery left when the credits start to roll.

So, is there an after-credits scene in Ghost in the Shell?

[WARNING: Potential Ghost in the Shell spoilers ahead.]

It appears the answer is no. The site AfterCredits.com, which keeps track of all the movies with end-credits scenes, noted that there is nothing either during or after the credits.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no chance for a sequel to the movie. In an interview with Collider, director Rupert Sanders appeared open to the possibility of the movie turning into a larger franchise.

In a recent interview with, Sanders was asked whether he felt Ghost in the Shell would turn into an all-out franchise. The director seemed hesitant to confirm sequels would spin-out, but he did not rule out the possibility.

Sanders noted that the film is made to stand on its own, but it could be ready-made to roll into future installments.

“I think Scarlett said it, it’s not an origin story in a way, it’s a birth story, it’s about her becoming someone,” he said.

“But we were like, ‘God, if people like it and we have to make another one, where do we go?’ So I think the answer to your question is this film isn’t waiting for a sequel, it’s its own beautiful thing, and if we are lucky enough to make another… it’s not like we killed her at the end.”

There may be a chance of Ghost in the Shell turning into a series. The movie is expected to have a strong opening weekend at the box office, with estimates anywhere from $25 million to $35 million. The movie had a reported $110 million budget, so it would need a continued strong showing, although sci-fi movies often tend to have staying power at the box office if they can generate strong word-of-mouth appeal.

So, while there’s not an after-credits scene in Ghost in the Shell, viewers may end up getting to see a lot more of the series in the years to come.

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