Drake: Sade Convincing ‘More Life’ Rapper Not To Diss Kendrick Lamar Amid Feud

Drake is staying far away from those who have been dissing him as of late, and from what’s been gathered, it’s all thanks to his pal Sade.

The duo recently linked up and posed for photos together, the Fader notes, many of which ended up surfacing on Drake’s official Instagram account. It was during this encounter that the Canadian-born rapper was allegedly advised not to respond to recent comments made by his fellow artists.

The likes of Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar have both made it known that they aren’t too fond of Drake, Stereogum notes, both having respectively dropped diss songs in the last couple of months that have urged the “One Dance” hitmaker to respond, but he’s hesitant at this point.

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Hollywood Life alleges that Sade doesn’t think it’s worth it for Drake to go after those who are just out to be negative and start drama for the sake of attention on the internet.

With all that Drake has achieved in recent years, especially with the success of his latest album, More Life, there’s no reason why the 30-year-old should focus his attention on those who clearly have different ambitions than to those that Drake is wanting to achieve.

Drake already holds the title as one of the most successful rappers of his time, and Sade is sticking by his side, assuring him that he shouldn’t stress over the diss tracks that have been made against him. Instead, focusing on his music and continuing to break records seems more appropriate.

“While everyone’s in the studio collaborating on a diss track and spreading hate, Drake’s turning the page and wants to get in the studio with Sade and collab on a love song,” the source told Hollywood Life, alluding to the idea that the duo is working on a track together.

Sade isn’t just anybody to Drake. According to the outlet, the rapper has been listening to the 58-year-old’s music for as long as he can remember, so for her to tell him that he shouldn’t entertain another rap feud is almost like a family member telling Drake to step away from the drama.

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Drake very much appreciates Sade and has, therefore, taken her advice.

“He’s always been a fan of hers,” the source continued, “and she told him that love and passion are the only way. He’s taken her words to heart. He’ll kill Kendrick [Lamar], Meek [Mill] and all the other rappers who despise him with love!”

“In Drake’s mind, Sade would be the most iconic woman he’s ever worked with. He almost worked with her one time when he just starting out, but it didn’t work out.”

Now that Drake will soon be wrapping his tour, insiders claim that the rapper plans to release yet another album later this year, which is already believed to feature the likes of ex-girlfriends Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna, XXL Mag reveals.

Of course, having Sade on the record will be the icing on the cake for Drake, who, as the source mentioned, has tried to make a collaboration happen in the past before being told that those plans weren’t going to work out.

At this given point, it’s still unclear as to when Drake plans to release his next album. However, rumors are already circulating the internet, with some people claiming that they wouldn’t be surprised to hear that another record is dropping just before the summer.

Drake is currently on his “Boy Meets World” tour in Europe. He has yet to address rumors of his supposed plans to put out another album. Would you be interested to hear what he has to say?

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