WWE News: Triple H Reveals The Star He Saved That Everyone Wanted To Fire

Triple H has already climbed his way to one of the very top spots in all of WWE and a lot of what he says does go, but there are always going to be those who question his decisions. While making the WrestleMania 33 media rounds, Triple H talks about how busy he has been being an in-ring performer and backstage executive, and that led to him recalling one specific superstar that many were begging for him to fire, but he chose to keep on.

This Sunday, the Raw Tag Team Championship will be on the line as Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows defend the titles against Cesaro and Sheamus as well as Enzo Amore and Big Cass. The triple threat has now been made into a Ladder Match, but it may have never happened if Triple H hadn’t intervened on the part of one participant.

While speaking with ESPN, Triple H talks about the different kinds of talent at the WWE Performance Center. Sure, not every single superstar may have a huge physique or be great in the ring, but a lot of them still have plenty of value, and that is exactly what he saw in Enzo Amore.

It’s a good thing he saw it because almost everyone else wanted him fired.

wwe news triple h enzo amore fired big cass wrestlemania 33
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Triple H talked about how each talent invited to the WWE Performance Center will have a formal review every six months. Depending on how things are going at that point, some may be cut while others are given a further chance to prove their worth to the company.

“There’s been guys that have made it that over the course of a couple of years that were constantly on the cut list. Enzo Amore, when I brought him in, everyone at the tryout was saying, ‘Get rid of this kid!’ I was like, ‘He’s got a huge personality. If he can annoy us all this bad here, imagine what he can do on TV.’… Every time he’d get his review, they’d be like, ‘I’d cut him.’ Dusty [Rhodes] and I would be like, ‘Keep him.’ Look at him now…. Is he ever going to make you money from an in-ring performer standpoint? Probably not. But he’s money on the mic.”

While Enzo Amore may never end up as a world champion, stranger things have happened in the world of professional wrestling. When thinking about the way that Amore is on the mic and his gift of gab, Triple reflects back to a guy that many never thought would make it, but he may have had a successful career.

“That’s what we’re looking for, and it’s finding that in a guy or girl that can do what we do. The Rock was the same guy that they were chanting ‘Die Rocky Die!’ until he got a personality, and then all of a sudden, he was The Rock.”

Some may not remember it, but The Rock wasn’t always the smooth and charismatic superstar and movie star he is today.

wwe news triple h enzo amore fired big cass wrestlemania 33
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After just about a year with the over-the-top positive Rocky Maivia gimmick, he joined the Nation of Domination and transformed himself into “The Rock.” From there, the rest is absolute history on a guy who many thought would never amount to anything in WWE, but he proved all of them wrong.

While it is true that partnering Enzo Amore with Big Cass and having them in the tag team division is the best thing for him, there may come a day where Cass needs to move on. It was thought that he would a few months ago, but WWE chose to keep them together.

Still, if there is ever a moment in time when Big Cass goes out on his own, Enzo Amore will likely be all right as he has the support of some very high-up people.

Enzo Amore is not even six feet tall, and he barely weighs 200 pounds, but he will be one of six men in the huge Raw Tag Team Championship Match at WrestleMania 33 on Sunday. You don’t have to be a huge guy to be successful in the wrestling world, but you do need to have those that believe in you. Amore may have had a lot of people that wanted him gone and fired from WWE, and it very well may have happened if Triple H and Dusty Rhodes hadn’t had faith in him.

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