‘The Amazing Race’ Spoilers: 2017 Winner Rumors Swirl As Season 29 Begins On CBS

It’s time for the Season 29 premiere of The Amazing Race, and spoilers have emerged regarding what lies ahead. The teams are all facing not only a challenging battle but the task of competing with someone they’ve never met before. Viewers are certainly anxious to see how juicy the competition will be this spring. What Amazing Race spoilers are out regarding the travels ahead, the eliminations, and the supposed Season 29 winners?

The Reality Fan Forum tracked Season 29 as it filmed, and Amazing Race spoilers detail that there are some great locations on the way for these 11 pairs. The buzz is that everybody started in Los Angeles as single competitors, and they faced a challenge of finding a flag in a pile of suitcases and racing back to the starting line. The racers then reportedly got to pick their partners in the order they finished, and interestingly, there are mostly coed teams running this spring.

The Amazing Race spoilers detail that the 11 pairs went to Panama next and then flew to Sao Paulo, Brazil. The third location is said to be Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, with the fourth leg taking the teams to Zanzibar, Tanzania. Leg 5 is said to shift the action over to Alesund, Norway, and Lake Como, Italy, hosts Leg 6 of Season 29.

Leg 7 keeps the racers in Italy, with the route going through Venice, and Amazing Race spoilers reveal that Athens, Greece, is the base for Leg 8 of the competition. The remaining teams head to Hanoi, Vietnam, after that, and Leg 10 is said to play out in Ninh Binh, Vietnam. It’s off to Seoul, South Korea, from there, and the final battle will be in Chicago, Illinois.

As Survivor Sucks details, Amazing Race spoilers indicate that of the 11 teams, most of them are coed, with one guy and one gal racing together. As rumors swirled about this schoolyard-pick twist of pairing everybody up, some spoiler fans speculated that there would be a lot of male teams, and many viewers will be curious to see just how this picking process came together. This isn’t a blind date theme this spring, but could romance end up developing between any of these pairs anyway?

In terms of eliminations, Amazing Race spoilers have broken down the supposed Season 29 elimination order, all the way down to the winners. The pair of Jen Lee and Kevin Ng are said to be sent home first, with Francesca Piccoli and Jessica “Jessie” Shields out next. Shamir Arzeno and Sarah Fowler are said to be eliminated in ninth place, and Olive Beauregard and Seth Tyler end up eighth.

Will Season 29 be a standout for host Phil Keoghan? [Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]

Vanck Zhu and Ashton Theiss reportedly take seventh, and Amazing Race spoilers detail that Mike Rado and Liz Espey wind up in the sixth spot. Becca Droz and Floyd Pierce are said to be fifth, with the pair of Redmond Ramos and Matt Ladley garnering the heartbreaking fourth spot, meaning that they fall short of being in the finale leg.

If all of these Amazing Race spoilers regarding the elimination order are accurate, and they typically are for this series as spoiler fans are vigilant about tracking the filming across the globe as it happens, that means the three teams racing for the win include London Kaye and Logan Bauer, Tara Carr and Joey Covino, and Brooke Cahmi and Scott Flanary.

Which team wins Season 29 of The Amazing Race? Spoilers from Survivor Sucks noted that the final teams were slated to wrap things up at Wrigley Field, and the field camera caught the action as it played out. It sounds as if Logan and London placed a distant third, Joey and Tara scored second, and Brooke and Scott crossed the finish line about 30 minutes or so before the runners-up to become the winners.

Long-time viewers weren’t sure if the show would make it back onto CBS’ schedule. Season 29 was filmed last summer, and now the network has tossed the show into a timeslot that throws off long-time fans a bit. Despite all of that, people are buzzing about this next offering from the series, and everybody will be curious to see if the Amazing Race spoilers that are swirling around pan out to be accurate. What do you think of the twist regarding how the teams were put together?

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