Series Of Car Chases In San Fernando Valley Ends With Two Arrests, One At Large

Los Angeles had a wild night of car chases as several different suspects led authorities across the city in a series of high-speed pursuits. The night ended with several arrests, but one driver managed to avoid authorities and escape the pursuit.

The first chase started at 8pm, as reported by ABC 7. The pursuit started near Van Nuys, with two people tearing through the Valley in a white Dodge marked with Arizona license plates. The suspects led police north on the 405 before hooking east on the 118 freeway. The car was being followed by both police vehicles and helicopters.

The driver in the first chase caused at least one car crash at Glenn Hill and Van Nuys. The suspect drove recklessly through flowing traffic and managed to keep a wide spread between his car and the police. The driver came close to taking out a number of pedestrians, bicyclists, and other vehicles. The chase exceeded speeds of 100 mph.

The first chase came to an end when the suspects exited into a Panorama City neighborhood. Both men sprung from the vehicle and disappeared into what looked like an apartment complex. Police swarmed the area not long after the two suspects fled the vehicle, and quickly apprehended the passenger. The driver seemingly escaped.

The second chase picked up right as the first ended and began in the same Panorama City neighborhood. Authorities began to pursue a reportedly stolen black sedan, as reported by ABC 7.

The suspects blasted north on the 170, being followed mostly by police helicopters, as many officers were securing the area where the first chase had concluded. The driver of the stolen vehicle exited onto Sherman Way, where he parked his car beneath an overpass to block helicopter visuals. The driver exited the car and either escaped on foot or got into another car and left the scene. This was the shorter chase, but the suspect still maintained speeds of over 100 mph.

The third car chase sparked up just after authorities lost track of the second suspect. A black Ford F-150 started speeding north along the 101, gaining police attention pretty much instantly. Authorities speculated that the driver from the second chase had commandeered the truck from beneath the overpass just moments before.

The third car chase went on for another thirty or forty minutes before the suspect attempted to go through an intersection with crossing traffic. The driver lost control of the truck and plowed into a pole along the side of the road. The driver exited the truck and attempted to flee on foot just as officers swarmed the vehicle. Police chased the suspect for only moments before he put his hands over his head and was arrested. The passenger was arrested too, as reported by Los Angeles police.

Wednesday night was a wild one for Los Angeles, as suspects led the police on a series of carjacking and high-speed pursuits across the city for most of the night. Aside from the car chases, other drivers were making waves of their own. A truck plowed into an apartment complex early this morning, as reported by ABC 7. The driver had fled the scene before police arrived.

Not long after that, a semi caught fire just after a crash on the 15 Freeway in Apple Valley. Traffic was diverted so tow trucks and cleanup crews could handle the debris from the wreckage and clear the lanes.

Overall, it’s been a wild night for Los Angeles as drivers seemed keen on keeping the authorities on their toes. After a series of seemingly related high-speed pursuits through the night, drivers spent the morning crashing into things. As more information becomes available, the narrative around the suspects leading the police in hot pursuits around San Fernando Valley will fall together.

[Featured Image by David McNew/Getty Images]