Rihanna And Chris Brown Relationship Moves Forward As He Gets Off The Hook For Drake Brawl

Rihanna and Chris Brown appear to be headed toward a full-fledged relationship, and as they move forward they’ll have one piece of baggage gone — the brawl Brown got into with Drake earlier this year.

The Chris Brown-Drake brawl took place this summer, a bottle smashing event that left Brown with a scrape on his chin. But now TMZ is reporting that neither Chris Brown nor Drake will face charges for the incident, as the nightclub’s security videos were so grainy that they failed to capture what happened. Without the proper evidence there was no way for the case to move forward, law enforcement officials said.

With the incident behind him, Christ Brown can turn his focus to the budding relationship with his former fling. Rihanna and Chris Brown reportedly spent Thanksgiving night partying together at Adagio nightclub in Berlin, a meetup that Rihanna alluded to on Twitter, the Los Angeles Times noted.

“All alone in my big ole jet!!! See u soon lover,” Rihanna had tweeted Wednesday after the conclusion of her seven cities in seven nights “777” tour.

On Thursday she added that shout-outs “#Berlin #CarpeDiem.” The second one refers to the name of Chris Brown’s tour — “Carpe Diem” — and Brown just so happened to be in Berlin for a show on Friday.

As E! News noted, Rihanna and Chris Brown were seen getting into a car together after leaving the club.

After their first go-round of a relationship ended disastrously — with Chris Brown assaulting Rihanna in a widely publicized incident — the two have kept their actions together mostly secretive. Rihanna and Chris Brown have shown the public glimpses of their relationship, however, like a brief kiss they shared at the MTV Video Music Awards.