WWE News: Seth Rollins Comments On Regretting Joining The Authority

With WrestleMania 33 very close, the scheduled matches for the event from now until the big day are going to give the fans the final elements to further develop the story through social media, with hopes to cause more intrigue. If you ask fans who are excited for the biggest event of the year, many would say that the most exciting match that they are looking forward to is the “unsanctioned” match between former WWE World Champion Seth Rollins and former multi-time WWE World Champion Triple H.

Since Triple H only gets his fix at WrestleMania these days from an in-ring perspective, while the majority of his time is spent working with talent from NXT and the WWE Performance Center, the stakes are even higher to outshine anyone’s expectations of the match, which are already very high. Despite the pressure, there is little doubt that both competitors will overperform.

This story started out nearly three years ago when Seth Rollins took the shocking road to achieving championship success by turning on the Shield stablemates, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Rollins then joined Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in their stable, The Authority, as the proverbial Chosen One. Just weeks after Rollins joined Triple H and Stephanie, his decision turned out to be beneficial, at least at the current time, as he won the Money in the Bank ladder match for an opportunity to cash it in and potentially become WWE Champion.

Rollins was involved in a number of feuds before creating another shocking moment, being the first – and currently only – person to cash in his briefcase at WrestleMania. After a grueling match between then-WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and challenger Roman Reigns, Rollins took advance of both men being spent and ran in the ring to eventually become champion.

However, when Rollins became injured after a sunset flip powerbomb to Kane on the table during a European tour house show, he was forced to undergo surgery and subsequently miss WrestleMania 31. Upon his return, Rollins was expecting the relationship to pick back up with Triple H. However, the Cerebral Assassin showed during a fatal four-way match to determine the new WWE Universal Champion that he no longer was interested in affiliating with Rollins, and executed a Pedigree on The Architect.

Although it initially came as a shock, Rollins told WWE that he finally realized that aligning with Triple H made him lose the chip that was on his shoulder.

“When I was with The Shield, I felt like I had a chip on my shoulder, I felt like I had a lot to prove. At some point, when I joined up with Triple H and The Authority, it really became… I lost that, I felt like I became entitled in a sense. I felt like everything was [like] I didn’t have to work for anything anymore. It was stuff like I deserve this, I deserve that, it should all be given to me. And that’s really not what brought me to the dance, that’s not what made who I was.”

Rollins explained that, at first, the benefits he received from joining The Authority were good, but he really had a change of heart when Triple H turned on him. He wants to get back to the person that works hard for what he gets, instead of getting it handed to him.

This has been the overall narrative of the feud between Seth Rollins and Triple H. Objectively, it has been a good enough angle for people to get behind. Moreover, since it looks like Rollins is fighting for every person who got their back stabbed by the boss, hopefully, this match can further catapult Rollins into being one of the most popular stars in WWE.

[Featured Image By WWE]