‘Dance Moms’ News: Cast Members Quit In Support Of Abby Lee Miller

The Dance Moms ensemble is about to get much smaller, perhaps the smallest it has ever been, as more members of the cast follow Abby Lee Miller, Brynn Rumfallo and her mother Ashlee Allen out of the series.

Resident choreographer Gianna Martello, who has been on Dance Moms since its inception back in 2011, has hinted on Twitter her departure from the hit Lifetime reality series.

“Looking forward to real life. I almost forget what it is.”

While she does not specifically mention that she is leaving the show, a post by GK Choreography, who worked with Martello, suggested that she is indeed saying goodbye to Dance Moms and is looking to begin a new chapter of her life and career.

“Nobody can replace [Gianna Martello]… thank you for everything you’ve done these past seven seasons. My biggest inspiration. I wish you the best.”

Martello has been helping the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) since the beginning of Dance Moms. Her work on the show has been instrumental in the countless victories of the girls as well as their evolution into the amazing dancers they are today.

Over the course of the series, the choreographer has endeared herself to many Dance Moms viewers and has garnered quite an impressive following, which is why it will not be a surprise that many fans will miss her on the show.

Dance Moms star Gianna Martello poses for the camera

Well-known Dance Moms insider, Dance Mom Reacts, says that Martello may have decided to leave the show to rally behind Abby Lee Miller, who will be replaced by Cheryl Burke in the final four episodes of Season 7 and the season that will follow should there be one.

“Huge respect for Gianna for leaving the show though because Abby did. It just shows where her loyalties lie and she’s a good person.”

Apart from Martello, also taking a bow from Dance Moms is mini team member Lilliana Ketchman, who took to Instagram to send some love to coach Abby Lee Miller as she waved the show goodbye.


Lilliana, with her mother Stacey Ketchman, joined Dance Moms in the second half of the sixth season as a member of the mini team. This group was eventually disbanded, allowing her to continue as an elite dancer instead.

As for her fellow mini dancer Elliana Walmsley, there is no sign of the youngster leaving Dance Moms just yet. In fact, signs point to her staying. Her latest post on Instagram suggested she is not going anywhere and has instead bid Brynn Rumfallo adieu.


Maesi Caes, who, like Rumfallo, Walmsley, and Ketchman, stayed with ALDC LA while the original Dance Moms dancers reunited with Chloe Lukasiak to form a so-called new dream team, has not said anything about her plans on the show.

It will be interesting to see how the series fares on air without Abby Lee Miller and several key cast members. Many fans believe that Dance Moms will not be Dance Moms without the ALDC founder. There are fears that their exit might hurt the viewership and ratings of the show.

From the looks of it, however, many of the original cast members are staying on including Nia Sioux, Kalani Hilliker, Kendall Vertes and returning Dance Moms fan-favorite Chloe Lukasiak with ALDC newcomer Camryn Bridges also staying put.

It is believed that with this group intact, the show might actually do just fine even without Abby and the others since these girls are some of the biggest reasons many viewers are still tuning into Dance Moms.

Those who have been following the series since day one will likely be happy about the original dancers choosing to remain for the show’s survival. However, they should prepare to witness Dance Moms drastically change, especially by the final leg of Season 7. Miller, Martello, Rumfallo and Ketchman will be gone after Episode 21, which centers on the recently concluded Nationals competition.

Should the new lineup be able to make Dance Moms stay afloat for another season without Abby Lee Miller, it should give the series and the new ensemble a fresh start, changing the show forever in the process.

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