Jinger Duggar Pregnant? Rumors Swirl Despite Weak Evidence, Mrs. Vuolo’s Silence

Is Jinger Duggar pregnant? One ambiguous photo, plus tons of rampant speculation, have gotten fans of the Duggars excited about what may be the latest addition to the ever-expanding Arkansas family. However, as of this writing, nobody has said anything official, including Jinger herself, who would likely be the first to know if she actually was expecting a baby.

The speculation that Jinger and her husband, former soccer player Jeremy Vuolo, are about to be parents started a few days ago when Jinger posted a photo of herself and another woman – it’s not clear who, but she was probably a fan who wanted a photo op with Jinger – on Instagram. She posted the picture without any captions, context, or other information, but it appears she was at a museum or historic site.


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If you look at the bottom two buttons of Jinger’s shirt, you can see what may possibly be a slight protrusion of her lower abdomen. And… well, that’s it, actually. There’s no more evidence that Jinger is pregnant beyond this one, slightly out-of-focus picture.

Now, there are several things you need to consider here before you draw any conclusions. First, bad lighting, bad camera angles, and the way the fabric of Jinger’s shirt was hanging that day all could contribute to an optical illusion that makes it look like something is protruding but really isn’t. The human brain has evolved to see patterns where there are none; the process is called pareidolia, and it’s the same process that causes some people to believe they see Jesus Christ in a tortilla shell. So, combine that with an eager public who loves celebrities, loves celebrity pregnancy stories, and is anxious to see a newly-married woman expand her family, and you have a recipe for rampant pregnancy speculation.

Life in Texas is treating me well #blessed

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Similarly, there may actually be something going on with Jinger’s lower abdomen, just not a baby. Maybe Jinger is just putting on weight; rail-thin women like her tend to show every last ounce of weight gain. Or maybe she just had a big lunch and is bloated. In other words, it could be any number of things besides a pregnancy.

Nevertheless, in the comments on Jinger’s photo, several fans are excitedly congratulating Jinger on the not-yet-confirmed baby.

marienadinepierre Jahnes love Jinger. Congrats on your pregnancy. You look really happy.”

chesneylover71 I spy a baby bump, lol…you look beautiful as always.”

Other fans are pointing out that speculation over a baby is premature until Jinger says something, and possibly inappropriate, considering that they’re talking about a stranger’s abdomen.

hopesparks01 Its not a baby bump and just the way shes standing and the way her shirt is under her purse strap.”

homesweethomeschooler How would your self esteem feel if 100 strangers started congratulating you and you weren’t pregnant? Have some manners people.”

If Jinger is pregnant, a pregnancy so early in her marriage (she just got married about five months ago) wouldn’t be out of line with her family’s lifestyle and religious beliefs. In the Duggars’ version of evangelical Christianity, birth control is forbidden, and big families are seen as a blessing.

Similarly, Jinger’s married siblings all got the pregnancy train going within a few months of their marriages. Older brother Josh and older sisters Jill and Jessa were all pregnant within months of tying the knot (OK, Josh wasn’t pregnant, his wife was, but you get the point).

As of this writing, Jinger Duggar Vuolo, the one person who’s in a position to confirm whether or not she is pregnant, has not confirmed or denied that she’s expecting a baby, and indeed, she hasn’t said anything about it at all.

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