Charo Threatens To Quit ‘DWTS’ Due To Feeling Like She Is Scored Unfairly

Charo is only two episodes into Dancing with the Stars, but it sounds like things aren’t going very well for her. She is a bit wild on the show, and a source is revealing that she is not happy with the scores she is getting from the judges.

E! Online shared that Charo has actually threatened to quit the show over the scores because she feels they aren’t being fair to her. Charo wants a fair chance just like everyone else is getting on Dancing with the Stars.

A source said that Charo is very upset over the scoring. She doesn’t feel like they are being fair to her. With low scores, Charo could end up being the one who gets sent home. Last week, Charo was the last person to be told they were safe. So far her scores have been 21 and a 25 out of 40 from the judges. She really feels like they are being hard on her. Here is what the source revealed.

“She was telling producers that she doesn’t like how they’re underscoring her and she feels like she’s been treated so badly so she was threatening to quit.”

The source went on to share that Charo says she will leave the show if they don’t end up scoring her more fairly. She isn’t happy with the way they score her at all and wants it to change. The tensions are really high this season, according to the source. A lot of people feel like Dancing with the Stars isn’t fair since Heather Morris has a dance background.

Charo actually talked to E! News about how things went down on Monday, and she wasn’t happy at all.

She spoke out, saying, “I was very upset that they kicked out Chris. I was about to make a deal. I go, and he stays. But I don’t think the rules allow that. He tried very hard, and it’s so beautiful. Also, I was very upset that they gave [better scores] to Mr. T.”

She really wanted Chris to stay, but Charo couldn’t change the way that it all turned out. Charo’s rep isn’t really saying if she wants to leave the show or not.

The statement that her rep gave simply said, “Charo loves ABC and DWTS, and she appreciates the opportunity afforded to her to be a part of the show.”

If Charo wants to leave, then she isn’t saying a word about it just yet. She might just be waiting it out to see what ends up happening on DWTS.

The Inquisitr already shared that Charo isn’t happy with Bruno at all for the way he is judging her.

After she had danced, Charo said, “I’ve got a message for Bruno: If he wants to be alive for his next birthday, you better give me bigger numbers. Bigger! I’m watching you. We already have a controversy. Because I am the queen of the cuchi-cuchi, OK? Don’t mess with me because, Bruno, I look at you.”

Charo wants better scores and really does feel like she deserves them. She is going to have to do a good enough job on the show, though.

Are you shocked to hear that Charo is considering quitting Dancing with the Stars already? Do you feel like Charo will be sent home next week anyway? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss watching Charo on DWTS on Monday night on ABC.

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