Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Team Reveals When They Will Make A Decision On Tony Romo

Many thought that the Tony Romo saga would be completed or at least have a primary direction after the NFL meetings this past weekend, but it appears as if everyone has been duped again. After almost a month of NFL free agency and league meetings, he is still a member of the Dallas Cowboys’ roster, and no one has any clue what is going on with him. Jerry Jones might know what he’s doing with Romo, and it makes the least sense of all.

The Dallas Cowboys have said next to nothing regarding Tony Romo and what they will do with the quarterback now that Dak Prescott has taken his starting spot. Some have thought he would be traded while others expected an outright release, but mum has been the word until now.

Some people might think that this is a really strange timeframe and one that doesn’t make a lot of sense, and ESPN is of the same mindset. Many saw Romo’s release coming on March 9, which was the first day of the new league year, but that was if a trade had not been worked out.

After almost a month into free agency, no trade has been worked out and Romo is still with the Cowboys.

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said that considering this is the offseason, the team is “not missing doing anything. From the standpoint of the franchise and the Cowboys, nothing is being held up here at all.”

That sounds great and all, but what about for the veteran quarterback who has led the team for years? Not releasing him until possibly training camp means giving him little to no options of joining another team as other teams will likely have their camp rosters in place and filled by that point.

ESPN also points out that if still with the team, Romo can participate in workouts starting on April 17, and that puts him at risk of injury. If he were to somehow get injured, the Cowboys would be responsible for his full $14 million base salary in 2017.

With the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos having already revealed that they are interested in Romo, why would the Cowboys not release him? A trade is obviously not going to work, and Jones is doing nothing but shortening the career of Tony Romo.

At this point, he may have no choice but to retire, and rumor has it that those off of the field are interested in him.

dallas cowboys rumors deadline tony romo phil simms cbs replacement

Fox Sports has already let their interest in Romo be known as they would like to put him in the booth to be one of their top announcing teams. Now, Bleacher Report states that CBS is reportedly interested in bringing in Romo as a possible replacement for Phil Simms if he should decide to retire.

Simms has been working for CBS since 1998 and actually covers Thursday Night Football for CBS with Jim Nantz. Romo, 36, could end up in one of the most coveted positions in all of broadcasting, but that is if he’s ready to walk away from playing the game of football.

There are plenty of options out there for Romo as far as life after playing football, but he might not yet be ready to retire.

As the time continues to drag on in this whole situation between Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo, the worse it is looking for the veteran quarterback. With one month of NFL free agency already behind us, his options have already become very limited. If Jerry Jones chooses to hold onto him at least until training camp, there might honestly be no other option than for Romo to retire and head to Fox Sports or to replace Phil Simms at CBS.

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