New Poll Finds Americans Trust Three News Outlets More Than President Trump

President Donald Trump has had a war with the media for some time now, even calling any outlet that disagrees with him “fake news.” However, now it appears that Americans may trust the media more than the president himself. Trump has not been in good with the media for some time, with some claiming that the media is being harder on him than any other president in history. However, the news media simply covers a story regardless of who it’s about.

The Trump administration soon began to cause more friction in their push against the media. The media’s push against Trump and the GOP only increased with the mishandling of healthcare in Congress. From there, things have gotten out of hand between both sides. However, it appears that Americans seem to favor the media over Trump.

According to a recent poll by Monmouth University, it seems that people are trusting at least three major news outlets over Trump despite his insistence that they report nothing but “fake news.” The poll only put Trump up against three outlets, which is most likely why he only lost to three. He went up against Fox News, ABC News, and MSNBC. CNN, among other organizations, was not part of the poll.

Trump talks about Clinton
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The poll found the news outlets to be more reliable than Trump when it comes to getting accurate information. Each network was compared directly to Trump, and some were seen as much more reliable while others were just a bit more. However, in direct comparison to Trump, these news outlets were several percentage points ahead of the president. According to reports, 801 Americans were part of the poll between March 2 and March 5, and it resulted in an interesting outcome.

Fifty-three percent of people trust ABC News over the 28 percent who trust President Trump. This was not very shocking, considering they have been out of the fire when it came to Trump most of the time and are relatively even with both sides. However, they have not been spared from his fake news claims. When comparing MSNBC to Trump, Americans who took part in the poll had more faith in MSNBC, with 47 percent of people liking the cable news network more and 33 percent liking President Trump.

MSNBC is a more liberal news network, which means that they normally won’t get a lot of love from conservatives. This is why that number was a bit different compared to ABC as far as faith comparisons are concerned. However, Fox News was also compared to Trump in the poll. Fox News is known for its conservative leaning reports for years, while MSNBC is biased with their liberal side. This is why most would assume the numbers comparing Fox to Trump would be interesting.

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Fox News tries to be kinder in regards to Republican Congress members and Presidential administrations. With Trump being a Republican or at least running as one, it made sense to assume that he would have their support, and for the most part, he has. There has been a dip in this over the last number of months, with a few journalists from the cable network coming out against the president, particularly Shepard Smith.

With this known, it should not come as a shock that Fox News had 37 percent of Americans’ support compared to the 17 percent that Trump garnered. All of these results are very interesting, as it shows Americans still trust the media. Despite President Trump calling reports from all of these media companies to be fake, one would imagine that Americans might shift their attention to trusting only the Trump administration.

However, that has not happened, and Americans seem to be siding more with the media over Trump. This poll seems to prove that overwhelmingly, Americans prefer the press to the president himself. It is unknown exactly what led to the shift, however, the lies that President Trump and the Trump administration at large have found themselves in could very well be one of the most crucial reasons. Trump’s obvious Twitter tirades could be another.

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