‘Reign’ Season 4 Preview: Elizabeth Demands Invasion Of Scotland

Elizabeth I is not a happy woman in Reign Season 4. The trailer for this week’s episode, “Hanging Swords,” makes that extremely clear. She demands to invade Scotland with her English army, only to be told that she can’t do that. Nobody tells the queen what she can and cannot do!

The whole season is set to gear towards a war between England and Scotland. Fans who know their British history are aware that Elizabeth and Mary were rivals for the same throne: one a Protestant figurehead and the other the Catholic one. It doesn’t end well for Mary, but is it possible that Reign Season 4 will have a slightly different ending for the Queen of Scots?

By the looks of it, Elizabeth is willing to stop at nothing to remove the threat that is the Queen of Scotland. She wants to invade, even though she has no just reason to right now. Demanding that her commander finds her a reason, there are plenty of questions surrounding this whole scene. History has shown that nobody has ever had a major reason to invade another country. The English, French, Spanish, and Scottish were constantly at war because they wanted each other’s land. Is that not good enough for Elizabeth I of England?

Meanwhile, Mary is trying to protect her country from all sides. She needs to protect her own position from her people while making a play for the English throne. It’s not easy, but she has found that marrying Lord Darnley is the way to do that. Unfortunately, there are a few people who aren’t interested in this union.

One of those is Darnley’s former lover, Lady Kira. She returned at the end of last week’s episode, telling Darnley that he would never love Mary. Of course, Darnley now realizes that he has a good chance of being King of Scotland, even if it is just while he is married to Mary. He’ll want that power and isn’t going to let Kira initially stop him. Is it possible that she will throw a spanner in the works and put a stop to Mary and Darnley’s wedding plans?

Meanwhile, James isn’t too happy about his sister’s impending marriage. He doesn’t trust Darnley and wants to make sure that she puts Scotland first before anything else. Mary is starting to fall for Darnley, as she noted in last week’s episode. She is ready to put her fears of losing another person close to her aside and focus on making this marriage work.

James has gone as far to threaten Darnley with his life. History certainly isn’t on Darnley’s side in this, but will James’ threat materialize?

Of course, Elizabeth isn’t happy with the upcoming marriage. Mary and Darnley’s union puts Elizabeth under far more threat than ever before. Last week on Reign Season 4, Elizabeth sent an envoy to bring Darnley back. When he refused, she sent in an assassin to kill him. Luckily, Darnley was able to protect himself, but he continues to defy his English queen.

Reign Season 4 Episode 7, “Hanging Swords,” will air on Friday, March 31, 2017, on the CW. With just one season left of the show, Mary’s final storylines will need to be told, as CarterMatt reminds fans. It is possible that the marriage to Darnley will take place in a few weeks, as there is still a few pregnancies and one more husband to show up in the season!

Will Elizabeth’s plans to invade Scotland work out for her or will her advisors convince her to play it safe for now? Tune into Reign Season 4 this week to find out.

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