Michael Jackson’s Mom Adamant Her Nephew Has Been Abusing Her

Michael Jackson’s mom, Katherine Jackson, came from London to Los Angeles to appear in court for her abuse case against her own nephew.

Katherine Jackson came to L.A. by plane to testify against her nephew and long-time caretaker Trent Jackson (TJ) on Wednesday afternoon. While details about the court hearing haven’t been disclosed to the media, Michael Jackson’s mother rushed from London to L.A. for a reason.

Michael Jackson’s mom, who alleges in her lawsuit that she was “subjected to his [Trent’s] manipulation, mistreatment, abuse of my finances and bullying,” was warned by the judge that her lawsuit would be canceled if she didn’t appear in court in person, according to TMZ.

And so Katherine Jackson hopped a flight to L.A. to testify against her nephew at Wednesday’s hearing.

According to sources close to Trent, he is allegedly ready to walk away if that’s what Katherine Jackson truly wants. However, TJ has repeatedly dismissed allegations that he has abused Michael Jackson’s mother for years.

The most recent hearing on Katherine Jackson’s abuse case was held last Thursday, but Michael Jackson’s mother was absent. Trent’s lawyers then won the continuance, saying Michael Jackson’s mom must appear in court in person.

Speaking to reporters outside the courtroom last Thursday, TJ’s lawyer, Ron Rale, said the court needs to be sure that Michael Jackson’s mom wants a permanent restraining order barring his client from Katherine’s life, according to the New York Daily News.

“She needs to be here. If she’s here and she says Trent abused her, so be it.”

But Rale was quick to add that Trent “loves” his aunt and wants only “the best” for Michael Jackson’s mother.

It’s been a month since Michael Jackson’s mom won a temporary restraining order against Trent, who’s the nephew of her husband, Joe Jackson. Katherine Jackson, who currently lives in London with daughter Rebbie, alleges Trent kept her away from her kids for years, monitored her calls, and even copied the key to her bedroom.

But Trent’s alleged misdeeds didn’t end there. Michael Jackson’s mother alleges that her nephew yelled at her numerous times, stole her money, and even refused to call 911 when she believed she was having a stroke.

Michael Jackson’s mom explained her decision to seek help from the court instead of simply firing him because she “feared” his possible “retaliation.”

“This time I am clear and resolute… Enough is enough.”

One witness subpoenaed by Trent to appear in court hearings against Michael Jackson’s mom is Tito Jackson’s son TJ Jackson, who has acted as a co-guardian of Michael Jackson’s three kids – Paris, Prince, and Michael – along with Katherine following the King of Pop’s death in 2009.

TJ is a very controversial figure within the Jacksons family. In 2012, he played a crucial role when Katherine Jackson was allegedly “kidnapped” from her California home by some of her adult kids.

While there has clearly been a family feud brewing within the Jacksons family for years, Trent’s lawyer said last week that the court wants Michael Jackson’s mother to attend all court hearings to voice clearly what she wants from Trent.

“Nobody wants to be dragged to court. We just want the truth.”

There’s no telling yet how the court hearings between Trent and Michael Jackson’s mom might end, but something is clearly fishy there. If Trent truly wants peace and his lawyer says he’s willing to walk away on his own, then why go to war in court?

It’s expected that new details about Wednesday’s hearing, where Katherine Jackson was present, will be released later this week.

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