‘Little People, Big World’ Renewed? Some Fans Want Amy Taken Off For New Season

The last season of Little People, Big World wrapped up back in January, and fans are wondering if the long-running reality TV series has been renewed. More than one media outlet is reporting that TLC did, in fact, officially renew Little People, Big World for another season, leaving some fans to say they’ll only watch if matriarch Amy Roloff is taken off the air.

Little People, Big World has been going strong on TLC ever since the pilot episode aired back in 2005. On March 24, 2005, the six-member Roloff family was introduced in a one-hour special titled Little People, Big Dreams. The SpiritsWander blog, an ongoing commentary about the Roloff family, shared in 2008 that the original Little People, Big World documentary — the pilot that started it all — would air again in January of 2009, giving the already-growing Roloff family fanbase another look at “the gem in the Roloff collection.”

According to SpiritsWander, most of the millions of Roloff family fans only began watching Little People, Big World after the first season aired in March of 2006, adding that Little People, Big Dreams gives viewers a chance to “see the Roloffs before fame and stardom hit.” After the success of Little People, Big Dreams, TLC decided to start the reality TV series Little People, Big World, which has now grown into several more seasons over the last 11 years. Little People, Big World grew its large and loyal fanbase by simply showing viewers how the Roloffs lived out their lives on the large family farm in Helvetia, Oregon, with three of the six Roloff family members struggling with dwarfism.

Viewership began to decline in 2010, and Little People, Big World took a three-year hiatus, only to come back strong in 2013 with grown kids and weddings. OregonLive shared last year that the “family-unity element” of Little People, Big World has faced some challenges with its return in October of 2013. Rumors and controversies continue to surround new seasons of Little People, Big World, as Matt and Amy’s marriage problems turned into divorce, twins Jeremy and Zach both got married with children on the way, Molly announced an engagement, and youngest son Jacob decided to exit the show as soon as he turned 18.

Jacob Roloff has since slammed Little People, Big World for being fake, smearing the show’s producers on social media for “concocting storylines” and saying that he was never compensated for regularly appearing on the show “that was his childhood.” Amy has also been blamed for the dissolution of her nearly 30-year marriage to Matt. While viewership of Little People, Big World continues to hold steady, some fans are saying that they want Amy off the show for a new season.

One comment on the Little People, Big World Facebook page says that taking Amy off would be great, adding that “Amy is a debbie downer” and acts like she “hates” her former hubby.

Another comment says that Little People, Big World would be perfect with Amy off the show.

“She has NEVER cared for the farm, just the money it makes so she can take more vacations. Can’t wait to see everyone else. And also–move her out of the big house.”

“Amy gets on my nerves with her pessimistic attitude and chip on her shoulder. She wouldn’t have anything if it wasn’t for Matt.”

“I think Amy is rude. I have watched this show from day one and nothing Matt has done been good enough for Amy.”

Still other fans support Amy and say that not many divorced couples get along.

“Love all the family and no one should be taken off. Amy is wonderful, and Matt and Amy love each other, but grew apart when the kids grew up.”

The general consensus among Little People, Big World fans is that they can’t wait for the show to be back on, and, according to RenewCancelTV on Tuesday, TLC renewed Little People, Big World for a new season, along with many more “fan favorites.”

“Fan favorites returning to share more life changes and milestones are THE LITTLE COUPLE, KATE PLUS 8, the Busbys of OUTDAUGHTERED, LITTLE PEOPLE BIG WORLD, SISTER WIVES and many more.”

PremiereDate lists the current status of Little People, Big World as allegedly renewed by TLC, however, a season premiere date has not been announced.

Some fans say the “peace, sweetness, and joy” as seen on previous seasons of Little People, Big World “is no more,” and they won’t be watching, while other fans say they can’t wait to see Zach and Tori’s baby boy and continue to watch Matt and Amy “redefine themselves as individuals” in new relationships.

The last season of Little People, Big World ended in January of 2017, with Matt having big plans for the future of the farm, Amy getting “cozy with Chris after a romantic date,” and Zach and Tori delivering unforgettable baby news, as summarized by IMDb.

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