‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Jo’s Abusive Ex Husband Revealed?

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers are in, and it looks like Jo Wilson’s abusive husband is checking into Seattle — sort of! Over the years, fans have gotten bits and pieces about Jo Wilson’s (Camilla Luddington) past through her relationship with Alex Karev (Justin Chambers), and now it looks like the Grey’s Anatomy team is committed to fully developing her backstory.

According to TV Line, viewers are going to see Jo’s husband sooner rather than later, which won’t be a pleasant experience for Jo. As Grey’s Anatomy fans know, she revealed to Alex that her real name isn’t Jo Wilson — she made it up because she’s on the run from her abusive husband. It was a big shock because Grey’s Anatomy viewers didn’t think she was lying about her identity or that she had fled a previous relationship. Everyone knew she had a rough life and lived out of her car at one point but no one expected to hear that she was married and on the run.

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers state that now that fans know her husband exists he’ll be brought into the fold of Shondaland. The talk of the town is that Glee’s very own Mr. Shue (Matthew Morrison) might be playing Jo’s abusive husband, who’s also a doctor!

Although we don’t have official word that this is the case, it’s easy to connect the dots. Morrison confirmed in an Instagram post that his character’s name on the show is Dr. Paul Stadler. He couldn’t even confirm that the show was Grey’s Anatomy, but seeing as how Grey’s is the highest-rated medical drama, and Morrison is a high profile name, we can’t imagine he would be going elsewhere. Plus, there’s photographic evidence that his role is definitely on the ABC medical drama because he was photographed filming on location with stars Justin Chambers and Kevin McKidd.

Check out the sneaky photos someone took while the crew was filming Grey’s Anatomy.

Last we heard from Grey’s Anatomy spoilers, there was very little to go on in terms of the description for Dr. Paul Stadler. At the time production was looking for “a Caucasian actor in his mid-40s to play a new doctor who is “appealing, charismatic and charming,” but also “manipulative” with a “scary dark side.”

According to TV Line, this will be an arc for the character, and he will play a role at the end of the 13th season and appear in the following season, so it looks like Matthew Morrison got himself a great gig at Grey’s Anatomy.

While it’s obvious that Morrison will have scenes with Jo’s ex Alex, it isn’t certain as to whether he will interact with Jo when he first appears on the show.

One fan theory thanks to the new Grey’s Anatomy spoilers is that both Alex and Paul bump into each other at a conference outside of Seattle. Of course, it’s suspected that Alex has no idea who Paul really is, given that he doesn’t know Jo’s husband’s name or what he looks like. It does appear as though they will have an interaction regardless of how they meet.

Fans know that Alex has a temper when it comes to defending the women he loves throughout the series. That temper landed him in hot water and almost significant jail time earlier this season, so let’s hope he doesn’t act out once he finds out who Dr. Paul Stadler really is.

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