Tony Romo Rumors: CBS Anchor, PGA Tour, Or NFL? Texans Only Real Trade Option?

As the days go by and the NFL Draft draws near, the Tony Romo trade rumors keep circulating. Is Romo going to Denver, Houston, or some other unknown team, or is the long-time Dallas Cowboys quarterback hanging up his cleats? The latest Romo rumors could be a bit more interesting — if they are true.

The Sporting News reports that CBS is interested in hiring Tony Romo to replace Phil Simms as an NFL analyst. Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reported Wednesday at the league’s owners meetings that CBS has an interest in hiring Romo if his playing days are through. From early indications, they would pair Romo up with Jim Nantz for color commentating the NFL game of the week.

So where does that put Nantz’s longtime partner Phil Simms? Simms has been paired with Jim Nantz for years as CBS’ No. 1 duo in the booth. However, if Romo did take an analyst job, it would likely be hard for him to just jump right into a prime time slot.

Jim Nantz
Is Tony Romo joining Jim Nantz at CBS? [Image by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images]

Pro Football Talk reported that immediately putting Romo in as the No. 1 guy could be overwhelming, given that CBS has the Thursday night package for the first half of the season. In his first year of learning how to call games, he’d be calling two per week.

Also, could taking a job this season at a television network mean that Romo is officially done on the gridiron? While a few former players and coaches have left their sport to take a TV gig and returned to the field a year or two later, for a quarterback to pull off that type of feat would be a tough task to accomplish.

If Tony Romo did take a job with CBS, could he pull off a scenario similar to MLB star Roger Clemens and his return to the field during the season when a team came knocking? With all the time Romo has missed, it would be hard to picture a team coming after him mid-season when he hasn’t faced live action in over a year.

While an option like this seemed very far fetched just two months ago, fans and NFL players alike have to wonder why there hasn’t been more interest in the veteran quarterback. Romo went from being the hottest QB available on the market to a literal standstill of no interest. The big question is why?

Just days after Super Bowl 51, it seemed like a done deal for Tony Romo to be either released or traded by the Dallas Cowboys, with the Denver Broncos or Houston Texans being the most likely landing spots.

Since then, Broncos GM John Elway has recently come out and said that the rumored talks of trading for Romo were never discussed and that the Broncos may not be all that interested in acquiring the long-time Cowboys signal caller.

Tony Romo golf
Tony the Tiger? Romo could join Woods soon on tour if he works at his game. [Image by Harry How/Getty Images]

So here is what we know.

Tony Romo has made it clear that he wants to be traded to a team that he can start on and has playoff potential. With Denver saying they are out of the running, does that leave the Houston Texans as Romo’s only spot remaining? And if so, would Jerry Jones really trade him to their instate rivals?

He would if the Texans make a good offer, and they may.

Houston needs a QB and they are ready to win. They showed last year that they have the talent to go deep into the playoffs, however, after dealing away Brock Osweiler, Houston is left without a leader to run the offense. Could Tony Romo be that guy? He should be if the Texans are serious about contending in 2017.

If Romo doesn’t play for an NFL team in 2017, he may start thinking about taking up golf as a serious hobby. Romo is a scratch golfer and already knows most of the professionals on the PGA Tour, not to mention that he has put up some pretty impressive scores while playing with the pros on several charity events. Romo certainly has the hand and eye coordination for playing pro golf!

Either way, it’s doubtful that fans have seen the last of Tony Romo in a competitive capacity.

[Featured Image by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]