April The Giraffe Labor Updates And Animal Adventure Park News, Watch Live Cam

April the giraffe is still pregnant, and active labor may begin at any moment. If you’ve followed our labor updates, you’ll remember that the last sign or change everyone was looking for is the presence of milk in April’s teats. According to the Australasian Zookeeping giraffe husbandry manual, active labor should begin within two days after milk comes in.

Update! It’s Saturday morning, April 1, 2017, and inclement weather has brought the worst April Fool’s Day joke to webcam viewers. April the giraffe is still pregnant and ready to go into active labor and the live cam’s feed has lost internet connectivity. Jordan Patch and the crew are aware of the situation and are working tirelessly to get the live cam up and running. The giraffe cam playlist included below will automatically update with the newest, live video once the feed begins streaming again. Be patient, but know that April hasn’t given birth to her calf yet.

Update! As of March 31, 2017, we are on imminent giraffe calf watch. It has been a busy day for April the giraffe and more than 200,000 people have kept a close eye on the live cam. Earlier this morning, the Animal Adventure Park conducted an interview with Good Morning America. You may watch that video interview below.

Additonally, the Animal Adventure Park held a Facebook live video where they introduced the world to their newest babies: two new pygmy goats. The world remained on edge hoping April would go into labor. Is it possible April will have an April Fool’s baby after all?

The March 31, 2017, morning update confirmed that April is ready to go into active labor at any moment.

The March 30, 2017, evening update discussed an active labor alert system that people may sign up with that would give them notifications when April is in active labor as well as access to exclusive AAP content.

The Inquisitr has compared photos and documented the changes and agree with the Animal Adventure Park, the Harpursville, New York, zoo where 15-year-old April and her five-year-old boyfriend Oliver “Ollie” live, that active labor will begin in days. Check out the article below for a detailed analysis of why it’s predicted that the baby calf will be born within several days. Here is a current photo of April’s teats as they are filled and ready for a newborn baby calf.

You can watch the live giraffe cam in the following video playlist. Included are other important videos from the Animal Adventure Park featuring April, Oliver, other park animals, owner Jordan Patch, resident veterinarian Dr. Tim, handlers Allysa and Corey, and more. You can even see a behind-the-scenes tour of the Animal Adventure Park, nursery, giraffe barn, loft, and April’s stall, where she will give birth to her calf any day.