‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: What Trouble Will Tracy Get Into In Turkey?

Tracy Quartermaine has been a mainstay on General Hospital for many years, but she is finally saying goodbye to the ABC soap for good. Even though actress Jane Elliot has not made the official announcement herself, it had been confirmed by Daytime Confidential earlier this month. She is retiring very soon, and it looks like her long-standing character will have one last adventure coming up.

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital had Tracy trying her best to track down a Renaissance painting that her father had owned, and now she is trying to get it back. Since Ava Jerome owns an art gallery and knows how to get information about missing artwork, Tracy bought the info at a high price from her, and she found the auction house in Turkey that she was looking for. Now, she has moved on from Ava to another person who Soap Central says will be a huge help in locating this painting.

Laura Spencer just happened to be around as Tracy was trying to talk to someone in Turkey about the painting. Unfortunately, she doesn’t speak Turkish, but Laura does. In fact, she used her language expertise to get some more info. It appears that the expensive piece of art is now sitting in a Turkish monastery.

Tracy is determined to go there, but Laura reminded her that she needs a translator to go with her. Tracy’s eyes lit up as she told Laura that she is taking her along for the ride. Luke Spencer’s two exes may be teaming up to head out on this last adventure of Tracy Quartermaine before she leaves for good.

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Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers say that Laura will refuse to go with her. Will she change her mind or will Tracy end up going to Turkey by herself? If she goes it alone, this will mean tons of trouble for her. Laura would be a perfect companion to take with her as she admitted that she and Luke had spent time there when they were on the run from Frank Smith many years ago, which is how she came to speak Turkish. It sounds like Laura does change her mind, as spoilers from Soaps She Knows says that they are both in for a surprise as they search for the lost painting.

If Tracy does convince Laura to go with her, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be trouble ahead for the twosome. Since this is Jane Elliot’s last couple of months on the soap that she has called home for 39 years, fans are hoping that the writers have a special send off for her in the form of an exciting last story line. There is plenty of trouble that these women could get into.

Many fans on social media have expressed their feelings on how they want Jane Elliot’s last days on General Hospital to go, and that would include having Luke Spencer come and sweep Tracy off her feet. Luke has a way of swooping in to save the day when needed. Actor Tony Geary also retired from the soap in 2015, and viewers were sad to see another huge part of GH gone. Now, his TV wife is doing the same.

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It would be nice if Tony Geary would make a special appearance to somehow rescue Tracy in Turkey and realize that they belong together after all. But if the show could somehow make that happen, they would probably keep it a secret to the very last minute. It would certainly be a surprise and a happy ending for Tracy Quartermaine.

Jane Elliot will be sorely missed on General Hospital. There aren’t too many Quartermaines left anymore, and she brings a special spark to the family. She and Monica have finally developed something of a friendship. Who will Monica squabble with now?

What would you like to see happen as part of Jane Elliot’s last days on General Hospital?

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