‘Dunkirk’ CinemaCon Teaser Captivates Vegas Audience, But Where’s Harry Styles?

Christopher Nolan released another five-minute teaser for the upcoming war drama Dunkirk at CinemaCon last night. And while the footage got a tremendous response from the audience at the Las Vegas event, One Direction fans may be wondering what’s in it for them, as Dunkirk features Harry Styles playing a role in the film.

A report from USA TODAY took a look at the footage shown at CinemaCon, which adds to the first official trailer released in December. And while there were many “unnamed participants” in the fast-paced Dunkirk footage, the new CinemaCon tease focused on dramatic scenes featuring Tom Hardy as a fighter jet pilot, including one where his plane, battered by gunfire, began to stall while mid-air.

Although it was brief taster of what’s to come when the film opens on July 21, USA TODAY wrote that the five-minute clip got extremely loud applause from the theater owners in attendance.

“As the lights came up, the theater owners gave one of the loudest ovations heard during the four-day festival.”

When asked about why he decided to make a film such as Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan told USA TODAY that the titular Battle of Dunkirk is “one of the greatest stories in human history,” and one that has held the London-born director’s interest for quite some time.

“British people grow up with this story, it’s part of our DNA. They talk about the Dunkirk experience.”

However, fans of recently-disbanded British boy band One Direction may still be wondering about one thing following last night’s Dunkirk teaser: where’s Harry Styles in the footage, and what more can be expected from this relative newbie actor in what should be a major summer blockbuster? The report from Mashable speculated that he may have been an unnamed soldier carried out in a stretcher early on in the CinemaCon teaser.

“Two British soldiers are carrying another on a stretcher (Styles? Could be!) across the beach, toward one of the precious few military evacuation boats.”

Once again, that remains speculative – the Dunkirk CinemaCon tease did not show Harry Styles’ face, as it instead spotlighted one of the film’s lead stars, Tom Hardy.

Thanks to the previous Dunkirk trailer, we do know that Styles will be playing a character named Tommy, and may be playing a prominent role in the Nolan film. As the Daily Mail wrote in December, Harry’s character was featured heavily in the trailer, as he was shown “on the cusp of drowning” in one of the more dramatic scenes. Being that the new Dunkirk footage from CinemaCon had a soldier being stretchered out by the beach, that may or may not point to his character dying in the movie.

'Dunkirk' director Christopher Nolan at CinemaCon. [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for CinemaCon]

Regardless of his character Tommy’s fate in Dunkirk, Harry Styles appears to have earned the respect of his colleagues during the movie’s filming. According to Hollywood Life’s sources, Nolan wouldn’t mind casting the 23-year-old Styles in another film due to his professionalism and likability, as well as his desire to improve his acting chops.

“He asks questions and wants to do the best he can and he doesn’t take the job lightly. He is not a prima donna, and really wants to be one of the guys.”

As Hollywood.com reported earlier this month, most of Styles’ younger fans may likely be able to watch the film without parental supervision, as the film has been given a PG-13 rating, with a strong chance that it will be rated 12A in One Direction’s native United Kingdom.

Aside from the aforementioned Tom Hardy and Harry Styles, Dunkirk stars several other respected U.K.-based actors, including Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy, and Mark Rylance.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]