Blac Chyna Comes For Tyga And Calls Him Out

Blac Chyna calls Tyga a “b***h” on Snapchat. The mother of two was disappointed with her ex and decided to lash out on him. She shares a four-year-old son, King Ciaro, with Tyga. The two had started daring in 2011 and had split up later on in 2014. Tyga then proceeded to date Kylie Jenner who is the half sister to Chyna’s ex Rob Kardashian.

The former stripper was not going to sit back and just lash out at Tyga but she went for Rob as well. She used a number of expletives to express her anger towards the fathers of her two children. Rob and Chyna share a daughter together, Dream Kardashian.

Blac Chyna Comes For Tyga And Calls Him A bitch
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Tyga’s Interview

Blac Chyna may have been angered by Tyga’s interview with E! News, the rapper went on to talk about what their son was obsessed with. Claiming that his son liked the same things that he did such as cars, women and jewelry.

Chyna wrote the #Payjenny as she insulted her baby daddy and claimed that he hadn’t been paying child support for their son.

The rapper has a tendency to talk about gold chains and showing off expensive cars, which may have ticked off Chyna. She said that she found it funny that Tyga had kicked her out and they expected to see her fail. She laughed it off and said that she received no child support and added that Tyga likes h**s. She said because of the kind of women Tyga is into she would treat him the same exact way. She declared that she could bet any money that she had more money than the rapper’s account.

Blac Chyna Comes For Tyga And Calls Him A bitch
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She announced to the rapper that he should stop running to his money. The businesswoman went on to tell Tyga to go and tell Kylie and Rob about their son’s account.

Blac then said that that was the only reason that she was calling out the rap star. She seemed extremely disappointed during the rat as many rumors had circulated about the two and the rapper had according to her made it seem that she wanted him when really what she wanted was financial care for her son. She cares a lot for her two children and has always made it seem that they are the most important things to her. The mother of two may have snapped and gone into defense mode for this reason as well.

In the same interview with E! News, Tyga claimed that he was trying to cut his son back from gifts because he thought that his son gets very spoiled.

He added that he was trying to teach his son that he works hard to get what he gets. Tyga said that he has to be an active parent and teach their children lessons. Insisting that it was important for his child to understand the concept of hard work. He added that their son wanted to build Ferraris rather than become like his parents. He said that King always changes what he wants to be for instance at the moment he wanted to become an architect.

Tyga’s A Bi***

Chyna, on the other hand, called out Tyga and told him to go back to his mother or his b**** or Terrell or Heather. While some may think that this is just a publicity stunt for the two of them Chyna seemed very serious when it came to what it was that she wanted and expected from Tyga.

Blac Chyna Comes For Tyga And Calls Him A bitch
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The two have shared custody of King Cairo and their relationship has been strained for many years. The two have made attempts to seem civil with each other. Chyna went on to Cosmopolitan South Africa and said that she and Tyga were trying not to have negative energy as children breathe energy. Adding that one had to forgive and forget clearly that changed seeing as she called Tyga a b****.

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