Mischa Barton Sex Tape: Star Opens Up About Abusive Partner

Mischa Barton has opened up about her sex tape when she sat down for an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil, TMZ reports.

Barton also talked about her sex tape partner — her ex-boyfriend — whom she says was more interested in destroying her emotionally than financially.

Mischa recalled how she learned about the sex tape and how it came as a complete shock to her. The 31-year-old actress, with a pained look in her face, tells Dr. Phil she couldn’t quite believe that her ex-boyfriend would do such a thing towards her on account of the fact that the man responsible was someone she used to trust and love. She also tried to distance herself from her former partner when she learned about the sex tape, but she admits it did her little good.

The O.C. actress also touches on the bizarre video showing her raving in the backyard of her West Hollywood apartment. The video, which was captured just before she voluntarily went to the hospital, shows her screaming and rambling at the top of her lungs while hanging over the backyard fence of her apartment just before she fell to the ground.

In the video, Mischa can be heard raving about her mother being a witch, the end of the world, and Ziggy Stardust (it was later found out that she was referring to her dog, who was named after the late David Bowie). At one point, she was heard screaming, “Oh my God, it’s over! I feel it, and it’s angry!”

The video showed the actress wearing only a dress shirt and a tie.

Before long, Sheriff’s deputies and firefighters responded to distress calls from concerned citizens who feared for the actress’s condition. Later, law enforcement officers confirmed that Mischa Barton was voluntarily transported to a hospital for mental evaluation.

Barton later told People that her behavior in the video was a reaction to a “date rape drug” that someone slipped in her drink while she was celebrating her birthday.

Mischa Barton attends the Chiara Boni La Petite Robe fashion show during New York Fashion Week. [Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]

In early March, Daily Mail reported that a leaked sex tape featuring Mischa Barton was being shopped around among a number porn companies. The pornographic video reportedly had an asking price of $500,000, according to the British tabloid.

The following day Barton’s lawyer threatened to file a revenge porn lawsuit on the star’s behalf.

“Ms. Barton does not consent to any disclosure of any such images. She believes that she was recorded without her consent by someone she was seeing at the time,” Lisa Bloom said in a statement picked up by Gossip Cop. “There’s a name for this disgusting conduct: Revenge pornography.”

“Revenge pornography is a form of sexual assault, and it is also a crime and a civil wrong in California. And we still not stand for it,” Barton’s lawyer added. “I have a message for anyone who attempts to traffic in these photos or videos of Ms. Barton; we will find you, and we will come after you. We will fully prosecute you under every available criminal and civil law.”

Bloom said she was “very proud” to represent Mischa Barton, whom she praised as someone who “courageously stands up for her rights.”

The lawyer concluded her statement with a stern warning: “You proceed at your peril.”

This isn’t the first time Mischa was hospitalized for mental evaluation. In 2009, the former “It” girl was transported to a 5150 psychiatric ward after getting in a fight with nurses while seeking treatment for a tooth infection.

“I was in a lot of pain and if they feel you are depressed or a danger to yourself they can hold you on a 5150,” Barton explained to Tatler magazine in 2010. “I am terrified of needles and they wanted to pump me full of drugs and I said, ‘No, absolutely not. I don’t want to be here,’ and got into a fight with the nurses, and that led to my 5150.”

Mischa Barton’s interview with Dr. Phil is scheduled to air on Monday.

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