Will ‘The Dark Tower’ Be The Beginning Of Stephen King’s Personal Film Universe?

A few months ago, news hit social media regarding the upcoming movie The Dark Tower. It was stated that the movie would be based on Stephen King’s apocalyptic saga, which goes by the same title as the upcoming movie.

The Dark Tower was initially scheduled to be premiered on February 17, 2017. However, the date was moved forward and rescheduled to July of this year. This delay was apparently because the production wanted more time to work on the film and improve its visual effects.

Apparently, the studio wants to give the film “more summer time” before its release and before the kids return to school in August, which is not a point of concern because the movie might not be very dependent among young viewers.

The rescheduled date has been under dispute for a while now given the fact that there has been no official trailer of the movie apart from the one that came out on YouTube for “entertainment purposes only.” Since then, there have been rumors that The Dark Tower will be rescheduled further into the summer months.

It has now been confirmed that The Dark Tower will be delayed for a few weeks from July. The movie will not hit theaters until the month of August. There has hardly been promotional material from Stephen King’s adaptation, but the author did reveal the latest poster a few weeks ago. Nikolaj Arcel is directing the film, which stars Idris Elba as Roland Deschain and Matthew McConaughey as Walter Padick.

On the other hand, Sony has shown part of the footage during its presentation at the Cinema With this same week, although during that exhibition, nothing was said about the delay in the film’s premiere. In addition, it is rumored that, now, the official trailer will be released imminently.

The star of the film is Idris Elba, who plays the character of Roland Deschain, while Matthew McConaughey will give life to his nemesis, a sorcerer known simply as the Man in Black, and Tom Taylor to Jake Chambers, an 11-year-old boy who will accompany Roland on a quest to find the mystical tower.

The mystical tower is not just an ordinary tower. It is rather a bridge between an endless number of dimensions. Names like Abbey Lee, Katheryn Winnick, Fran Kranz, Claudia Kim, and Jackie Earle Haley are also included in The Dark Tower’s cast.

It is necessary to remember that The Dark Tower plans on becoming a full-fledged series, with each movie serving as a prequel to the one last released. So much so, amid this reverse story-telling, the next movie will most likely be a prequel to The Dark Tower. The idea is that the future series will include the participation of director Nikolaj Arcel and screenwriter Anders Thomas Jensen. Will The Dark Tower be the success Sony hopes and wants it to be?

Fans of Stephen King could get a surprise after the release of the films The Dark Tower and IT this year, and the television series Mist, Castle Rock, and Mr. Mercedes.

Everything points towards the fact that Stephen King’s universe is manifesting in Hollywood. As is the habit of the renowned author, his characters often participate in more than just one story. Variety has claimed that The Dark Tower is connected to The Shining.

The president of worldwide distribution at Sony Pictures Entertainment alluded to his intention of creating a different universe in theaters, starting with The Dark Tower and then a chain of movies associated with the rest King’s best-selling work, including It and Salem’s Lot. A film universe of Stephen King is something beyond enthusiasm, maybe fanatic. Everything could start at the premiere of The Dark Tower on August 4, 2017.

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