Donald Trump This Week: Approval Rating Continues To Decline

President Donald Trump has continued getting a negative response since he began his official journey from the White House in January. The weekly approval ratings from different sources have been the proof of the declining support for the president, which also include the latest approval results.

The job approval rating of Donald Trump, as measured this week, has shown a new record low point. Whether it is Gallup or approval polling from other media, the performance of Trump has shown a declining sense of satisfaction among Americans. Gallup, which is known for its data-driven analysis, has conducted a survey this week that marked a significant drop in the approval rating of the president to 36 percent.

The three-day polling also depicted the increase in the number of disapprovers of Donald Trump, which rose to 57 percent. The approval rating obtained from Gallup, however, were most critical as compared to other sources. The Public Policy Polling released on Thursday brought into notice that almost 40 percent people favored Trump while 53 percent were dissatisfied with what he did. The remaining seven percent remained uncertain.

Among other sources, NBC Poll provided a lenient approval rate for Donald Trump. According to the survey, almost 42 percent Americans seemed satisfied with the president’s actions whereas 56 percent of people disapproved his job performance. The poll revealed that around 61 percent of the respondents felt that the United States seems to move in a wrong direction. This marked an increase in the percentage as compared to the 57 percent of the respondents who polled in February.

The plunge in the approval ratings has come following the failure of Donald Trump in replacing ObamaCare last week. The president had been making efforts to make changes to the American Health Care Act. However, he faced failure in doing so as the proposal lacked the House votes. The “House” here is the House of Representatives that the president thought was under his party’s control.

“The man who thought he had engineered a hostile takeover of the Republican Party found out last week that he hasn’t,” The Weekly Standard reported.

Activists protest against replacement of ObamaCare outside Trump Tower in Chicago
Activists protest against replacement of ObamaCare outside Trump Tower [Image by Scott Olson / Getty Images]

The healthcare constitutes one-sixth of the U.S. economy, which automatically makes it the main concern for any president who takes charge of the nation. Harry Truman and Bill Clinton tried to make amendments to the act in 1945 and 1993 during their respective presidential terms but they failed. After that, when Barrack Obama became the president, he succeeded in acquiring the trust of authorities as well as the public over health care concerns.


Under ObamaCare, the number of people who received health insurance increased rapidly. But the expensive standards of coverage set for people made the healthcare scheme unfavorable. Though the scheme provided guaranteed health insurance to people with already existing medical conditions, the premiums were quite high. The factor that made ObamaCare replacement tough for Donald Trump administration was the security that it provided to Americans. For the public, having an access to affordable insurance became a kind of entitlement under the ObamaCare scheme.

So far as the approval rating for Donald Trump is concerned, the figures may be a new record low but it cannot be treated as the worst rating. Even Barack Obama saw similar figures, though not that low, when his ratings, over eight years of his state service, were analyzed.

Barack Obama, Donald Trump at Trump's sworn-in ceremony
Barack Obama, Donald Trump at Trump's sworn-in ceremony [Image by Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images]

In fact, Bill Clinton also witnessed a low rating over eight years of his service, which also included the impeachment of the president. The figures recorded in case of Ronald Reagan were even lower than that of Donald Trump. To note here is that none of the presidents had to experience such a disappointment from the masses in their early term of office as observed in the case of the 45th president of the United States.

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]