Americans Urging Melania Trump To Move To DC, Online Petitions Surges Popularity

The White House announced on Monday that First Lady Melania Trump has hired a new communications director for her East Wing team. Melania Trump chose deputy press secretary Stephanie Grisham as the newest key member of the White House communications staff.

According to CNN, Stephanie Grisham’s prior role was the director of traveling back when President Donald Trump was still campaigning for the presidency. Grisham was in charge of the campaign’s press plane and was one of the earliest members of the entire press operation. She has placed a lot of effort in Trump’s campaign and events and has now joined Trump’s team as a full-time member.

The press release issued by the White House states that Stephanie Grisham will take the lead in all communication efforts of the Office of the First Lady. Melania Trump has expressed that she found the newest member of her East Wing team as a wonderful addition to her office, citing Grisham’s hefty amount of experience and expertise.

Apparently, upon taking up a role in the White House, Grisham brings with her 10 years of experience in communications, media relations and press logistics. Furthermore, she was the former press secretary of the Arizona House of Representatives.

As for Ms Grisham, she expressed that she was looking forward to working with the First Lady, stating that she finds Melania as a source of inspiration for many mothers and the working woman. She also mentioned that she had a deep sense of respect and admiration for the First lady’s commitment to the country.

Ms. Grisham also mentioned that she views her newly acquired position as an honor and that she will help promote Melania’s initiative as First Lady. “I look forward to helping her communicate her unifying message of kindness and empowerment,” she added.

According to AOL, there are some observers who have noticed that Melania Trump was rather slow in hiring staff members for her office as compared to Michelle Obama. However, this new step that the First Lady has taken may indicate that she will stay true to her promise of moving to the White House at the end of the school year.

There have been reports claiming that the First Lady has requested to stay in New York even after Barron Trump has finished the school year. The same report states that the White House continues to insist that she move to Washington D.C.

Furthermore, Melania Trump also appointed Anna Cristina Niceta Lloyd as her social secretary and Lindsay Reynolds as her chief of staff back in February. Another member of the First Lady’s team is her friend and former Vogue events director, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff. The latter is now Trump’s senior adviser and chief strategist.

According to Ms. Trump, she is already working on putting together a team that consists of professionals and highly experienced people. The team that the First Lady has in mind will take time to put together which may be why Ms. Trump is taking longer to assemble her team.

Despite the slow pace taken by Melania Trump, she still maintains a positive outlook on forming her East Wing Team. “I am excited to be organizing and bringing together such a dynamic and forward-thinking group of individuals who will work together to make our country better for everyone.”

Although Melania Trump has already hired a few members of her White House staff, a formal contact for the East Wing press inquiries has yet to be established. On that note, Ms. Trump has not made any public remarks since her husband assumed the presidency.

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