Poll Reveals 32% of Dads Had Affair Since Having Children; Jessica Alba Tops Dads’ Sexual Fantasies

A new poll revealed that 32 percent of dads report having an affair since having children. The poll also added that 60 percent of men get their thrills in cyberspace through Internet porn.

Conducted by Cookie, the lifestyle magazine for moms, and AOL Health, the Sex and the American Dad survey polled a nationwide group of more than 60,000 fathers with at least one child.

“Rather than focusing on the fact that a third of men cheat, I think we need to take an honest look at some of the nuances of this study – the 2/3 of the men polled who say they usually initiate sex and the 42% who say their wives reject their advances more than once a week – as indicators of the state of sex in America. While there is no excuse for infidelity, sexual health is a two-way street,” says Pilar Guzman, editor-in-chief of Cookie.

Here are some more key findings of the poll:

• More than half (54 percent) said they have thought about cheating. However, 69 percent said that even if their wife didn’t find out, the infidelity wouldn’t be worth it; 76 percent of dads responded that they have not considered seeking the services of a professional for sex.

• Seventy percent of men said they imagine sex with other women. Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie and Beyonce are the leading ladies of many dads’ sexual fantasies.

• Almost all of the men surveyed (79 percent) say they want more action in the bedroom. Seventeen percent of dads revealed that they made love once a week and 34 percent said they do it more often than that; but 25 percent say they have sex fewer than 12 times a year.

• Sixty-two percent of the dads surveyed said they are usually the ones to initiate sex, and 40 percent said their wives reject their advances more than once a week.