WWE News: Former Ring Announcer Says Vince McMahon Doesn’t Care What Fans Think

Wrestling fans are going to tune into WWE because it is the promotion that gets the most coverage in the world, but they had better like what they see. Many fans believe that the company takes their thoughts and wants into consideration because they eventually end up seeing what they want. Well, it seems as if Vince McMahon and company know that fans are going to watch no matter what and therefore don’t care what they think.

Even though it has happened for years and even decades, there has been no more confusion as to why a wrestler keeps being pushed than Roman Reigns. Despite the boos that follow him and John Cena wherever they may go, WWE continues to push them to the moon and back again.

Yes, that may confuse a number of viewers and some may not realize why they do it, but longtime wrestling fans have already become aware of a conclusion that former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts revealed — Vince McMahon doesn’t care what fans want or think.

wwe news justin roberts vince mcmahon fans think doesn't care

Memorabilia Guy recently spoke with former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts regarding a number of topics as WrestleMania 33 draws near. Roberts served as the ring announcer for WWE for more than a decade until his release in 2014. After that, he signed with House of Hardcore and is now the voice for that promotion.

Roberts spoke about being a fan of professional wrestling and how his time was with Vince McMahon’s company, but that raised an interesting topic. He recently wrote a book called Beast Seat In The House which talks about his time with the promotion and a lot of things he learned while holding nothing back.

In his book, Roberts discusses Vince McMahon not caring what any of the fans think and he really does lay it all out there.

“When you do a live wrestling show you have a live audience telling you what they like and what they hate. Instead of appeasing the fans and writing the show the fans like, and believe me they have some of the greatest minds and talent in wrestling, they could put on a Wrestlemania every week. Like the attitude era. You watch it now and its really flat for three hours and once in while the crowd kind of like some of it. It’s not the talents fault. As an example, say the crowd really like Cesaro but the company wants you to like Sheamus so they are going to give you Sheamus until you like him in the same way you like Cesaro. Look at Roman Reigns, the company wants you to accept him, but if you like someone else, no you have to like who the company wants you to like. The fans aren’t getting a show that is catered for them, it’s catered to running with the guys who they want to push.”

Justin Roberts raises some good examples by talking about Cesaro and how fans were always wanting more of him, but there were times that WWE took him off television completely. Fans weren’t latching onto Sheamus as much, so what did they do? WWE partnered the two together as a tag team and now, fans love both of them.

As if there could be an even more perfect example than that, Roberts brings up Roman Reigns who has been shoved down the throats of fans for three years.

wwe news justin roberts vince mcmahon fans think doesn't care
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When it comes to the wrestling business and especially WWE, Roberts says the executives are going to run the company the way they want to. They know fans will keep watching and if they stop, others will come in to take their places.

“The higher-ups at that company are the sort of people who say, ‘You’re not going to tell us what to do. This is our company and we will run it how we want’ – that’s it. Wrestling fans are so loyal they will find one or two things every week that they like about a show, even if they hated everything else. Its unfortunate and I want WWE to thrive. I just want the fans to have great shows and the shows I had growing up. I loved wrestling as a kid because it was great, and I want it to be the same way for current fans. I want the business to keep going strong.”

The thing about WWE is that it has enough space for virtually everyone and all fans will latch onto one of the popular top stars in the company. They may want their favorites to be elevated and hate some of those at the top, but that is the way that the wrestling business goes. No matter what, WWE is going to do as WWE wants and for those that aren’t aware of it, Vince McMahon is WWE. You may think he wants to please the fans, and he does, but he doesn’t care what you think — at least according to Justin Roberts.

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