‘General Hospital’ Speculation: Alex Devane Is Connected To Anna And Valentin

General Hospital fans have a mystery on their hands. The storyline with Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) has become more and more confusing. Fans have been waiting for the big reveal on how the two were connected and the answer has shocked everyone. The WSB was a big deal on General Hospital three decades ago, and now, it is being brought back into the present. With everything happening, there are several speculations swirling.

Anna claims she doesn’t remember any of the interactions between her and Valentin. When he arrived in Port Charles she knew there was something familiar about him but couldn’t figure out why. After going under hypnosis with Andre (Anthony Montgomery), Anna started to recall how she had crossed paths with such a violent man. According to Soap Shows, Valentin revealed that he and Anna slept together before she turned on him. The story is that she was working as a double agent and used Valentin to get classified information to the DVX. General Hospital fans are just as confused as she is at this point, and only one explanation out there makes sense.

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Nearly two decades ago, Alexandra Devane (Finola Hughes) was introduced on All My Children. She is the twin sister of Anna Devane. She built a life for herself in Pine Valley when she married Dimitri Marick (Alex Nader) and he brought her to town. After a lot of confusion, it was discovered that Alex had a twin sister named Anna who had supposedly died several years before. Alex had been sent to an institution where she was brainwashed and reprogrammed to have all of her sister’s memories. With all of Alex’s connections, it is possible that she was the one who dealt with Valentin, not Anna. At one point, both Alex and Anna were on All My Children together. Alex and Dimitri left Pine Valley in 2001 and Anna stuck around for another two years.

During Anna’s time on All My Children, she got married to David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry) and had a daughter Leora. The baby died and that caused Anna to leave town and return to Port Charles. Rumors of David Hayward coming to General Hospital have been talked about since ABC received all the rights to All My Children and One Life to Live back after a long dispute with Prospect Park.

The very idea that Anna has a twin sister out there has piqued the interest of General Hospital fans. Some of them had no idea Alex Devane even existed, let alone that she could be the reason Anna doesn’t remember what went on between her and Valentin. Since the sisters are identical twins, Alex is a likely suspect at this point. She was exclusive to All My Children, and now that the rights are back, the writers can incorporate her into General Hospital. This would be one twist no one saw coming, and could be good for ratings if done the right way.

There are mixed emotions when it comes to the Anna and Valentin storyline on General Hospital. Some fans have voiced their interest in it while others have acknowledged they are over the back and forth. His relationship with the former WSB double agent has caused issues in his marriage to Nina (Michelle Stafford). On today’s show, Valentin filled Nina in on what was going on with Anna and she agreed to help him figure things out. Will these two discover Alex Devane was the one playing Valentin to get the info? If this is the writers’ end goal, it could be a good one.

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