‘Mysterious Animal’ Attacks Villagers In Borneo

Borneo villagers attacked by mysterious animal

According to the Borneo Post, an unknown animal recently attacked two men working on a farm.

An Indonesian plantation worker and farmer were attacked by an animal of an unknown species on two separate occasions. The 75-year-old farmer, Aris Kuna, was tending to his pepper garden around noon when the animal attacked. The plantation worker was attacked a week later near Kpg Baing.

The animal was described as resembling a “bear and wild boar.” The animal was about two feet long with a long, pig-like snout and sharp claws. It gave off a horrible odor that became worse after it was sliced up by the farmer with a sickle.

Other villagers who saw the carcass could not identify the animal’s species.

“In all my life venturing into the jungle, hunting and such, I’ve never come across this species,” 62-year-old Louis Nyaoi said.

Sharon Hill, a writer at DoubtfulNews.com, said the photo and description of the animal “screamed badger” — specifically the Indonesian stink badger, which is related to skunks. She said it matches the animal that attacked the two men in almost every detail.

Why the animal was unable to be identified was not explained. Mashable says that just because an animal is native to an area doesn’t mean everyone who lives there will recognize it. There are various animals that are nocturnal and avoid contact with people, or live in water or wooded areas and are very rarely seen by humans.

Phenomenon such as Borneo’s “mysterious animal” also happens in the United States. A large Atlantic sturgeon washed up on a South Carolina beach, but many thought the fish was a beached sea monster. A mangy fox was briefly mistaken for a chupacabra last year.