Blind, Deaf Dachshund Saves Family From House Fire [Video]

Grady County, OK — A mother and her baby owe their lives to their pet dachshund.

But this was no ordinary family dog — it was blind, deaf, and only had three legs. But it still managed to wake up Katie Crosley and her seven-week-old son (who was born with a heart defect) just in time to flee their cabin that had caught on fire at about 3:30 am.

According London’s Daily Mail, the dog named “True” is a true hero:

“The seven-month-old disabled dachshund rewarded the Crosley family for their care when he detected a fire at their home in Grady County, Oklahoma, and barked and scratched at the door until the family woke up.”

Katie Crosley apparently thought the barking dog just needed to go to the bathroom, KFOR Channel 4 in Oklahoma City reports:

” ‘I thought he had to go outside,’ she said. ‘When I opened the door, it was a wall of flames.’ An electrical short ignited a fireball on the front porch, barricading Katie and Jace inside. They navigated through the smoke and out the back.”

They lost the cabin and all their possessions in the fire, but they are still grateful to have survived the blaze thanks to True. “We’re thankful for him. This could have been a bad deal.”

The KFOR report notes that True was adopted and that this incident was “an animal rescue that somehow returned the favor.”

Watch a report from KFOR about how True the disabled dachshund saved Katie Crosley and her baby from a house fire: