Animal Adventure Park Update: April In Pre-Labor, Vet Calls For ‘Taco Induction’

The giraffe keepers at the Animal Adventure Park have been keeping everyone updated on April the giraffe with all of the details that cannot be seen live on the YouTube giraffe cam, as well as other zoo happenings. They post updates to the Animal Adventure Park‘s Facebook page in the mornings, when they are prevalent throughout the day, and again in the evening. Today’s morning and evening updates are of particular interest. The Animal Adventure Park let their followers know that April the giraffe has moved into a different stage of her pregnancy. The final stage.

This morning, the Animal Adventure Park in New York, home of April the giraffe, posted an update that raised the hopes of giraffe cam watchers around the world. It was this update that, once again, rekindled the faith of giraffe cam viewers who had been getting impatient. It also sparked excitement and the internet buzzed.

“We will not confirm active labor, but we do have discharge that would suggest the countdown to calf has begun! Mammary development is on point… We will keep everyone posted throughout the day with developments. Our team and Vet are on standby. We could be hours away or days – so do not stop your day – but certainly don’t stop watching!”

People flocked to their computers to check in on April the giraffe. Since nobody wants to miss the delivery of the giraffe calf, viewers all over the world have been in and out of YouTube to check April’s progress on the live giraffe cam. Some viewers have been attached to their computer screens, watching the giraffe cam all day, waiting with bated breath for the birth of the already famous giraffe calf.

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The Animal Adventure Park staff has created a family of internet viewers who meet up on YouTube to chat every night while watching April the giraffe and her mate Oliver on the live giraffe cam. Tonight, well over 218,000 people from around the world signed into YouTube to participate in the nightly live chat session. They watched April on the live giraffe cam, who is close to labor and incredibly pregnant, roam uncomfortably around her stall.

The Animal Adventure Park’s evening update was even more exciting than this morning. April the giraffe’s veterinarian at the Animal Adventure Park, Dr. Tim, introduced “Operation Taco Induction,” attempting to remain sane through the use of humor. The following is an excerpt from Dr. Tim’s report to his colleagues and friends.

“Ok Gang… if you have been watching today, you should start getting excited… we are seeing almost all the signs of birth happening within the coming days… of course, my schedule is crazy for the next few days so naturally, we will pick the worst time possible. Hah. In an effort to speed things along I am launching “Operation Taco Induction”… let’s see what happens. (Not in Labor…) yet. – disclaimer – she didn’t actually get a taco. I’m not ridiculous.”

The Animal Adventure Park also posted their normal evening keeper’s report, which also speaks of positive signs. It looks like those who continue to watch the live giraffe cam on YouTube will have the pleasure of meeting April’s giraffe baby very soon.

“[There’s] continued discharge and mammary development. Appetite was off this morning – back this evening!”

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Although difficult to think about, amid the growing excitement toward April the giraffe’s delivery, those viewing the birthing process live on Animal Adventure Park’s YouTube giraffe cam should fully prepare themselves. We hope for a safe labor and delivery for both mom and baby giraffe, but there is still a need to be prepared for every situation.

The staff at the Animal Adventure Park will only intervene if absolutely necessary. Even if you cannot see them in the giraffe cam, they are standing close by. Giraffes are known to give birth in the pre-dawn hours. Today’s updates tell us that active labor is not far off. The vet is on standby and will be available if April goes into labor overnight. You can keep an eye on April by watching the live video player. Will you be watching Animal Adventure Park’s live giraffe cam on YouTube tonight?

[Featured Image by Alessandra Tarantino/AP Images]