WWE News: Paige Feeling ‘Happy And Healthy’ After Sex Video Leaks

Just one week after the Paige sex video leak shook up her entire world, the former WWE women’s champion posted a video to Instagram that says that she feels very “happy and healthy.” This comes on the day that her fiance Alberto Del Rio said that the two will get married. For Paige, this is great news because a number of people had said they were worried about her well-being.

Fun with my love!! Feeling happy and healthy!!!!

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The Paige sex video leak was one of many leaks that came from present and former WWE superstars. They included risque photos of Summer Rae and nude photos of former WWE Divas but it was the Paige sex videos that was the most damaging.

The biggest reason that the WWE might be displeased with Paige following these leaks is that Paige was using the WWE NXT Women’s Championship belt as a prop during one graphic sex act. Also included in the videos were former WWE general manager Brad Maddox and current WWE Superstar Xavier Woods. The videos were clearly shot back when all three were in the NXT system, making them a few years old.

According to WWE insider Dave Meltzer, neither Paige nor Xavier Woods is facing punishment for the leaks. It is seen as similar to the nude photos leaked of Seth Rollins and he was also not punished because leaking the photos was a criminal activity and the WWE superstars were all victims.

The good news for Paige is that she had a fiance like Alberto Del Rio, who canceled some upcoming professional wrestling appearances to stand by the side of Paige and help her get through this. Del Rio then shocked the world when he said that the two would move up their marriage to today, March 29.

That is likely an explanation of why Paige said that she was happy and healthy today, despite the fallout from the Paige sex video leak. If Paige and Alberto Del Rio are getting married today, that is a great reason to lift up her spirits.

When the video leaks happened, Paige’s father Ricky Knight said that their entire family was worried about her well-being. The fact that they all live in the U.K. and Paige lives in San Antonio with Alberto Del Rio made it almost feel like they couldn’t help her.

Knight made it clear after Paige proposed to Alberto Del Rio in the middle of a ring in Mexico that they don’t support the marriage. At the time, Del Rio was still married and was going through a horrible divorce battle with kids involved. If the two marry today, it is clear that the divorce must be finished.

WWE News: Paige Feeling 'Happy and Healthy' After Sex Video Leaks
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It is also good timing because, after the Paige sex video leak, she posted a lengthy post on Twitter this week and admitted that she was worried that Alberto Del Rio would leave her after the leaks. She said that there were numerous people who cyberbullied her after the leaks.

As a result of the Paige sex video leak and the cyber bullying, Paige said that she was considering “physical harm” to herself. In the statement, Paige said that she took responsibility for the mistake that led to the leaks but she wants to turn it into a positive.

While victims of these leaks are not to blame for anything other than leaving personal photos and videos on a device that is easily hacked, Paige took full responsibility for the sex video leak and admitted upfront that nothing was fake. Now, with Alberto Del Rio by her side, the two seem ready to tie the knot and Paige is trying to turn things around and remain positive for her future.

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