‘My 600-LB Life’ Steven And Justin Pictures: Do The Obese Brothers Lose Weight?

Steven and Justin may have the biggest combined weight in My 600-LB Life history, and fans of the show are now looking for weight-loss pictures of the dangerously obese brothers to see if they dropped pounds after appearing on the show.

The brothers, Steven and Justin Assanti, appeared on the March 29 episode of the popular TLC reality show along with their father as they made a journey to Houston to meet with famed weight-loss surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzardian.

As Monsters and Critics noted, the brothers weighed a combined 1,400 pounds, with Steven topping the scale at more than 800 pounds and Justin at close to 600. The brothers shared a troubled relationship with their father, the report noted.

“While Steven manipulates his father into always getting what he wants — mainly food — by acting out, Justin is lonely and insular, preying on his dad’s sympathy,” the report noted. “Together they take their high-strung Italian American father on a hugely long RV trip from the north-east to Houston, Texas.”

The trip was harrowing, the report noted, with Steven goading his father to pull over every 100 miles to pick up food.

Their father was part of the traumatic past that led Steven and Justin to appear on My 600-LB Life, the report noted. His short temper and their mother’s alcoholism created a troubled childhood, with both brothers turning to food as a means of comfort through abusive situations.

“Food was my comfort through good and bad situations,” Steven said (via Monsters and Critics). “But, it didn’t help with some of the s*** that was going on. I mean, I was really upset, because my mom’s boyfriend was very violent.”

The story of Steven and Justin was both heart-wrenching and angering for viewers who watched the two browbeat their father and spar with Dr. Nowzardian. Many took to social media to express anger at the lack of motivation from the pair.

Viewers tuned in hoping to see pictures of Steven and Justin after their My 600-LB Life appearance and find out whether they lost weight, but anyone who took to the internet to read about the brother may have found more on their past.

Steven has been on a journey to lose weight dating back years, with an article from The Associated Press in 2015 focusing on his efforts to regain his health.

Steven, a self-professed pizza addict, said he was desperate to change his fortunes and lose weight.

“I love food. I always loved to eat,” he said.

“I didn’t think it would cause me harm and make me into the monster that I am right now. I don’t feel human.”

At the time, Steven had been kicked out of a Rhode Island hospital for ordering a pizza while he was admitted for a leg infection. A viral video showed Steven yelling at a nurse during his stay there.

Those hoping to find pictures of Steven and Justin before My 600-LB Life aired didn’t have much to go on. The show’s producers tend to keep any weight-loss pictures under wraps at least until the episode airs.

Those who want to see if there are any weight-loss photos from Steven and Justin after their appearance on My 600-LB Life can turn to the show’s official page on TLC. The full episode showing Justin and Steven can be seen here and will be uploaded within hours of its broadcast on Wednesday.

[Featured Image by TLC]