Linda Evans, 74, DUI Arrest: What ‘Dynasty’ Star Has To Say About Dash Cam Video

Dynasty star Linda Evans is breaking her silence following the release of a dash cam video of her DUI arrest. The actress was arrested in 2014 for a DUI, leading to speculation that she suffered from alcohol or addiction problems. Linda is addressing everything in an exclusive interview with People.

“When I saw the footage, I was surprised because I don’t remember myself that way. That’s not the way I perceive myself. To see it, it was disturbing. I saw the pain in my eyes.”

Back in May 2014, the 74-year-old was pulled over in her home state of Washington for driving erratically. According to a report obtained by People, Evans was swerving from lane to lane and driving into oncoming traffic.

When asked to do a sobriety test, she displayed “sluggish behavior, lack of coordination, inability to stand without falling over,” and the report claimed her response was “slow and lethargic.” The officer also noted that her eyes appeared “droopy” and her clothing look “soiled,” though she was wearing workout clothes.

Evans claims that she was not driving while under the influence of any substance though the ticket was filed as a DUI. After several blood tests, the ticket was amended to reckless driving.

“It’s true I was driving while being in physical pain, but I was not impaired by any narcotic. I did not take any opiate or alcohol,” Evans said. “I would not have willfully put anyone in jeopardy.”

Evans said she was shocked to see herself on the dash cam video. She does not recall what happened to her on that very day. Evans claims that she was in crippling pain, which affected her mental state.

“Anyone who saw me on the video could see I was in physical pain. It was interpreted as something it wasn’t. And blood tests proved there was only a remanence of a prescribed sleeping pill that I took the night before. That day was pivotal for me because in hindsight, I wished I had made better judgment. I drove to water therapy, but should have stayed home because I felt so weak from back pain.”

Linda is not letting the media coverage get to her. She’s taking a negative story and turning into a positive one. She’s proud of how far she’s come from her back pain and therapy. She does not feel embarrassed or ashamed of the dash cam video. In fact, it taught Linda an important lesson about herself.

“When I saw the brutal coverage in the pop news story, it actually showed me how far I’ve come,” Evans said. “It’s easy to love ourselves when we look beautiful and feel perfect. But when we feel vulnerable to our own criticism, and other people’s criticism, these moments define us. This opportunity helped me to learn to stand by myself, in my journey of recovery.”

linda evans living quietly
Linda Evans has been living a quiet life out of the spotlight. [Image by Newsmakers]

This comes after Radar Online’s falsified report about the actress’ DUI arrest. The online tabloid claimed that Linda was caught with a bag of “29 pink pills,” alluding she had a substance abuse problem. It turns out the prescription medication was for her back pain. According to authorities, the pills were generic Flexeril also known as cyclobenzaprine. She also admitted to taking “seven pills that morning, including Advil.”

Evans’ back pain has been healed due to a series of laser surgeries. She now lives an active and healthy lifestyle while traveling the country and giving speeches to women. While Evans is best known for her role as Krystle Carrington on the primetime soap opera, Dynasty, she says she doesn’t miss the Hollywood glamor anymore.

linda evans glamorous life
(Photo by Ben Stansall/Getty Images)

“I don’t miss it at all,” she said. “It was beautiful. What a ride Dynasty was. It was phenomenal in terms of what a beautiful experience. I loved it, but thank God I could do whatever I wanted to do.”

Evans was booked and sentenced up to one year in prison. She also had her driver’s license suspended for a month. She remained on probation until 2016, and then she changed her life around by working on her health.

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