Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Barn Tour, Chat With Jordan Patch, Watch Live Cam

On March 29, 2017, the Animal Adventure Park (AAP) and Toys R Us shared a behind-the-scenes video featuring a tour of the giraffe barn where April and Oliver live. Owned by Jordan Patch, April became a viral sensation when he began live streaming her giraffe stall on Feb. 10. April is a 15-year-old reticulated giraffe, and she is 15-months pregnant. She lives at the park with her five-year-old boyfriend, Oliver. The giraffe barn tour comes as hundreds of thousands are watching the live cam where April is expected to go into active labor at any moment. Patch took the time to address common questions surrounding the giraffe’s housing environment and even provided a look at the giraffe loft. You can watch the video where Jordan Patch chats and leads the giraffe barn tour in the video below.

The video tour gives viewers who’ve watched the live giraffe cam a better, more comprehensive look at April’s and Oliver’s temporary housing. Though April is a sweet-natured giraffe, Oliver is a bull, and the giraffe stalls have been designed with safety as a priority. There are feeding windows where if the Animal Adventure Park staff need to keep their distance from the giraffes, they can interact with them safely. April will give birth to her calf from within her stall. You can watch the live giraffe cam that streams from the Animal Adventure Park in the video playlist below. Also included in the playlist are pertinent and important AAP videos, such as other Toys R Us footage, visits with Dr. Tim, chats, and introductions to some of the park’s other animals.

Additionally, the news that April may go into active labor at any moment has hundreds of thousands across the world celebrating. April is the most beloved giraffe, and at this point, may only be rivaled by Geoffrey the Toys R Us giraffe in popularity. In another joint video by Toys R Us and the Animal Adventure Park, April met Geoffrey, and the Toys R Us crew met April’s veterinarian, Dr. Tim. You can watch that video below as well as find out more regarding April’s current active labor status below.

One of the most exciting changes underway is not just that the Animal Adventure Park is expanding, but that there is a very good reason to believe April the giraffe will give birth to her calf within two days. You may see photo comparisons of April’s teats and learn more how these changes indicate the onset of active labor in the article below.

Now that the official giraffe baby watch has begun, many people are worried they will miss April’s active labor, delivery, and the birth of her calf. There is still no way to know for sure the exact moment April will begin active labor, and calf’s hooves will be seen. Fortunately, there is a way for those who have to leave their home, go to work or simply be away from their computers or devices to receive notifications when April’s active labor begins. You can find out how to get notifications from the giraffe watch app below.

Do you plan to visit the Animal Adventure Park this season? With plans for expansion and acquiring more animals, it appears the park’s popularity will continue to grow. April the giraffe continues to have the most popular cam on YouTube and draws hundreds of thousands of viewers by the minute. Watch the live cam and don’t miss April give birth online.

[Featured Image by Solarseven/Shutterstock]