Marshawn Lynch Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Pete Carroll Speaks About Raiders Rumors

Marshawn Lynch-Seattle Seahawks rumors have been confirmed by head coach Pete Carroll. Lynch, who played parts of six NFL seasons for the Seahawks, is thinking about coming back to the game. If Lynch unretires, he would become a member of the Seahawks again, as he is still under contract with the franchise.

Marshawn Lynch’s contract would pay him a base salary of $9 million in 2017 and then a base salary of $7 million in the 2018 NFL season. If Lynch’s contract remains in place, he also has a roster bonus of $3 million that would kick in during the 2018 preseason. Lynch’s contract still has those two years left on it, meaning the Seahawks remain in complete control of him and his future in the league.

A report by ESPN presented some direct quotes from Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, who states that Lynch came to him about 10 days ago and talked briefly about returning to the league.

“He came through the office and had a good visit. I know that he is somewhat entertaining the thought of it. I can’t tell you how strong it is. You’ve got to talk to him. And that chance isn’t happening.”

Recently, there have been a number of Marshawn Lynch-Oakland Raiders rumors, as heavy hints have been made about the Pro Bowl running back only wanting to return to the NFL if he could play in California. If Lynch unretires, the Seahawks would have to either cut him or trade him to Oakland to make that a reality.

Marshawn Lynch Throws Pass For Seattle Seahawks
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There has been a lot of debate from analysts and quite a few NFL rumors about whether Lynch unretiring would actually be a good thing for the Seahawks or Raiders. Lynch hasn’t played in an NFL game since the 2015 season when he was only healthy enough to appear in seven games for the Seahawks. Carroll was asked whether he thought that Lynch could be a difference-maker on the field again.

“I don’t know. It depends on how he’s approached this offseason. He looked OK. The mentality that it takes to play this game the way he plays this game, he has to really be invested and ready because he goes deep when he plays. Whether or not that’s still in him, the burn is still there, I couldn’t tell that from talking to him. I know that he was playing with the idea.”

It is no secret that the Marshawn Lynch-Seattle Seahawks rumors have been floating around for nearly two years. Lynch retired from the NFL at a relatively early age and seemingly still at the top of his game. It left a lot of fans wondering if he could decide to come back and many NFL rumors linked him to teams during the past two NFL offseasons. With questionable replacements at the running back position, many Seahawks fans were even hoping Beast Mode could return to the fold. Those same fans have been angered by the Richard Sherman trade rumors.

Marshawn Lynch Running Against Arizona Cardinals
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Even if Marshawn Lynch unretires, it seems very unlikely that he will be playing for the home team at CenturyLink Field again. His time with the Seahawks has come to an end, possibly putting the team in a really difficult position if he does decide to give credence to all the Oakland Raiders rumors. At that point, Seahawks general manager John Schneider would have to keep, cut, or trade Lynch. His contract would hurt the bottom line for the Seahawks, likely forcing the team to simply release him if the Raiders don’t offer something of value in a trade.

If Lynch unretires and the Seahawks cut him, he would become a free agent again. That would allow the cash-rich Raiders to offer him a nice contract, as the team still has a lot of salary cap space left. It’s possible that Schneider could hold out for a late-round draft pick, but he doesn’t have a lot of bargaining power in this situation. As such, before the soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders can get excited about acquiring a new running back, the current Marshawn Lynch-Seattle Seahawks rumors have to run their course first.

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