‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valentin Rattles, Nathan Faces Change, Ava Has News

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s show hint that there will be some interesting developments playing out for many people in Port Charles. Anna finally has learned key information regarding her past with Valentin, and Tracy has turned to Ava for help in tracking down an expensive painting her father seemingly owned. Nathan is facing some news that might shake things up in his world, seemingly related to Maxie, and GH teasers note that there is action on the way for both Jordan and Curtis, as well as for Ned and Olivia.

Anna has learned that part of her past with Valentin includes issues regarding selling secrets, and she was stunned once again to have him tell her something she supposedly did that she didn’t expect. General Hospital spoilers suggest that she’ll be reeling after he shares his version of what went down, as she has been sure that someone else was manipulating them both. Could it be that he’s telling the truth about all of this?

As Valentin and Anna are discussing their past, GH spoilers indicate that Nina will be talking with Griffin and claiming that Anna is continuing to interfere in her marriage by going after her husband. While Nina has been increasingly paranoid about this situation, it is clear that there is a dynamic between the two that is taking his attention away from his marriage. Will Nina end up lashing out and making some bad decisions due to her insecurity over all of this?

SheKnows Soaps reveals that Nathan will be feeling concerned about something, and as he talks to Dante about what’s going on, Dante will ask what some news means for his future. GH teasers share that this may all be referencing the fact that actress Kirsten Storms is taking another leave of absence from her role as Maxie and will be off the canvas for a while.

Kirsten Storms and Ryan Paevey play Maxie and Nathan on 'General Hospital'
Will Maxie take a job out of town, leaving Nathan for now, on 'GH'? [Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images]

Fans know that Storms took a leave a while back to deal with a skin issue that had become a problem, and she recently went through a divorce from Brandon Barash, who played Johnny Zacchara on the show. Storms hasn’t shared specifics about this new leave of absence from her role as Maxie, and she hasn’t posted anything to her Instagram page in about six weeks. In addition, her Twitter page being similarly quiet.

GH teasers suggest that the show will not recast the role of Maxie this time around, choosing instead to nudge the character off the canvas until Storms can return. The buzz has been that Maxie will take a job out of town for a bit, having been fired by Nina at Crimson a while back. Since she just recently married Nathan, it would make sense that he’s feeling worried about where things are headed for him with his wife leaving town for a while. Fans hope that whatever is going on with Kirsten can be resolved soon. Everyone also hopes that she’ll return as Maxie sooner rather than later, and she will take good care of herself in her absence.

Wednesday’s episode also brings a bit of Nurse Amy into the mix of things, as General Hospital spoilers hint that she’ll be getting a chance to stand out or shine in some way. Nurse Amy has never ended up with all that much to do in Port Charles, and viewers have had rather mixed feelings about her. Will she be getting a juicy storyline now that will push her to be more prominent? In addition, GH teasers hint that Ned and Olivia have a big night ahead of them, and they have some major decisions to make about the future of their relationship.

Jordan and Curtis will be spending some quality time together. GH spoilers indicate that they’ll share dinner with one another, and she’ll congratulate him on becoming a police officer again. Will he go ahead and rejoin the force, or will he stick with being a private investigator? What does this all mean for Jordan and Curtis as a potential romantic couple? GH teasers detail that things may be getting quite frisky between the two of them soon, and viewers are curious to see where things head for these two.

Jane Elliot plays Tracy Quartermaine on 'General Hospital'
What will Tracy do about the painting on 'GH'? [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Tracy was stunned when Larry showed up and talked to her about an expensive painting her father had secretly acquired, and she turned to Ava for help in sorting through the details. General Hospital spoilers share that Ava will have some success in tracking down information, and she’ll be excited to share what she’s learned with Tracy. In addition, GH teasers detail that there is more drama on the way between Ava and Lucy as Lucy’s blackmail scheme continues.

As the week continues, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jason will be determined to protect his family while Franco reaches out to someone unlikely for help, and Nelle will be at the center of more drama. Valentin will continue to break down the details of what happened in his past, GH teasers hint, and Sam will be starting an investigation of her own. It sounds as if she may begin to suspect that Julian is still alive, and she’ll start doing some digging to find answers.

What is the full truth about Anna and Valentin’s past and where will Nina be by the time all of this is sorted out? How long will Maxie be gone and will her absence negatively impact her marriage to Nathan? Are Ned and Olivia destined to be together and what comes next for Tracy given the GH teasers that are swirling around suggesting that actress Jane Elliot is ready to leave her role of Tracy this spring? When and how will Ava’s antics regarding Morgan’s medication switch finally be exposed? General Hospital spoilers tease that there are juicy twists and turns on the way, and fans won’t want to miss where things head next.

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