Joseph Duggar On His Family's TV Series: 'There's Some Things You Can't Catch'

Treva Bowdoin

Josiah and Joseph Duggar recently opened up about their lives as reality show stars, and Joseph revealed one thing that fans of their family don't see on TV.

During an interview with TLCme's Danni Starr, Joseph Duggar, 22, and Josiah Duggar, 20, were asked if there any moments that the Counting On cameras don't capture that they would like fans to see. Josiah responded by saying that "there's pretty much nothing they have not captured yet," but Joseph disagrees. He thinks the show should spend a little more time inside the Duggar boys' bedroom so fans can see that male Duggars are heavy sleepers.

"I think one thing they haven't captured is in the morning all the alarms going off in the boys' room. We're pretty hard sleepers just because there's so many kids in the house," Joseph said. "You don't wake up to people coming in the bedroom if it's like, midnight or something, coming in from work or something like that. You just kind of learn to sleep through it."

"That's one thing you can't catch. There's some things you can't catch."

As the Daily Mail reports, all of the unmarried Duggar sons share a bedroom in their family's sprawling 7,000-square-foot house. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar built the home a few years after they learned that Josh Duggar was sexually molesting his younger sisters, and the parents designed the home with their oldest son's actions in mind. In their former home, Josh had been sneaking into his sisters' shared bedroom and molesting them in the middle of the night. To make it more difficult for the Duggar boys to enter their sisters' bedroom unseen, Jim Bob and Michelle placed the girls' and boys' bedrooms on opposite ends of their current home.

So far, Josh Duggar is the only adult Duggar son who has moved out of his parents' house. Josiah and Joseph are two of the five Duggar boys over age 18 who are still living at home, but this could change shortly. As Us Weekly reports, Joseph Duggar is courting 18-year-old Kendra Caldwell. The Duggar family constantly reminds fans that the goal of a courtship is marriage, so Counting On fans will likely get to watch Joseph and Kendra walking down the aisle on a future episode of the show. Once Joseph gets married, he can finally get his own place.

If Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell are looking for a wedding planner, Josiah Duggar might be their man. According to Josiah, one of his favorite Counting On moments has been getting to help out with Jinger and Jeremy's wedding preparations.

"I really enjoy just the whole wedding preparation, all that stuff," Josiah said. "I actually didn't do as much as some of the other boys did on helping with all the projects, but just being behind the scenes and all the craziness of the family working together—it's hard, but we enjoy working on those things together."

Joseph Duggar's favorite Counting On moment also involves the family working together.

"I think for me, it's very similar to Josiah," Joseph said. "Just working alongside my family, doing different things. And now the car business that our family is able to run is really just a good time working together."

As People reports, some of the Duggar boys make money buying used cars at auctions and "flipping" them to turn a profit. Jinger Duggar said that her "little brothers were making a lot of money" restoring automobiles, so she tried her hand at it for a while before marrying Jeremy Vuolo and moving to Laredo, Texas.

Joseph Duggar will soon have to start selling enough cars to support a wife and family of his own, so perhaps he's relieved that he has a little less competition in the car-flipping business now that Jinger is gone.

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