‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2017: Corinne Olympios Wants To Join On One Condition

Everyone wants Corinne Olympios to be on Bachelor in Paradise 2017. ABC has yet to confirm the cast for the upcoming season of BIP, but Corinne has already hinted that she wants to have another chance at love but only on one condition – she has to bring her nanny with her.

Olympios has been asked previously if she will be part of Bachelor in Paradise 2017. Although The Bachelor’s Nick Viall is confident she will join the series, the blonde beauty cannot say yet that she will return to the franchise. The 24-year-old business owner told E! News that it’s too early to tell if she will head to Mexico with the rest of the unannounced contestants and that she has yet to receive an offer from the network.

However, in an exclusive interview with Life & Style magazine, the former The Bachelor contestant revealed that she might consider joining Bachelor in Paradise 2017 if she can take her nanny, Raquel, with her.

By now, fans of the reality television dating competition know about Corinne’s nanny, who was first introduced in the premiere episode of The Bachelor. Viewers got to see Raquel bring Corinne Olympios a bowl of sliced cucumbers in that particular episode. Not much is known about Raquel except that she does everything for Corinne.

Olympios also implied that Raquel is someone she can depend on for everything – even if she moves out. Corinne has admitted that she can’t imagine herself raising a kid because she acknowledges how she isn’t prepared for that kind of responsibility. She might even call on Raquel to help her with such a matter if it happens.

Corinne also explained on The Ellen Show just who Raquel really is to her and how important she is to her life. Olympios also finds it offensive when people refer to Raquel as the cleaning lady or the housekeeper because that is just not what she is to her.

“[Raquel] works with my family, she’s been with us for 18 years. She moved with us to Florida from New Jersey. She’s kind of like my everything. She, you know, raised my sister, she helped my mom through cancer, she’s just great. She’s part of our family. She’s not like my ‘nanny’ like my babysitter.”

But in her interview with Life & Style, Corinne Olympios made it clear that she will have Raquel tag along for Bachelor in Paradise 2017 not just so she can have someone bring her favorite treats. Instead, Corinne wants Raquel to relax in the secluded paradise.

“Raquel is like my second mom. I just want her to relax.”


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Fans have been amused by Corinne’s character and many think that everything about her would make Bachelor in Paradise 2017 a more interesting show. While she might want Raquel to take a break and enjoy paradise with her, Bachelor in Paradise alum Ashley Iaconetti thinks that the nanny will also be a wonderful addition to the show, just like paradise bartender, Jorge.

Raquel is now likened to Jorge, who has become a breakout star in Bachelor in Paradise as the contestants’ unofficial therapist. The audience has also come to love Jorge but unfortunately, he won’t be part of the show’s fourth season, Us Weekly reported. Iaconetti then thought that Corinne’s nanny could be a perfect replacement for the breakout star.

“I feel like they need another sidekick character. And that will be Nanny Raquel!”

Meanwhile, ABC has yet to confirm the cast for Bachelor in Paradise 2017. So far, Chad Johnson and Raven Gates are most likely going to be in Season 4. Gates was asked during The Bachelor Season 21 finale if she wants to join, to which she quickly answered yes. Johnson, on the other hand, confirmed to WetPaint that he’s on board for the next season.

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