Rob Evans: ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Judge Surrenders To Police

Beverly Hills, CA — America’s Next Top Model judge Rob Evans turned himself in to police Wednesday morning after a warrant was issued for his arrest following assault allegations.

The former boxed turned model was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon in October after reportedly beating up a man in Beverly Hills in March.

Evans cooperated with police after the fight, but stopped communicating with officials in recent weeks. Authorities were then prompted to issue an arrest warrant.

Evans surrendered himself at the Beverly Hills Police Department the day before Thanksgiving, and was released less than half an hour later after posting his $60,000 bail.

TMZ reports that Evans was unaware of the arrest warrant until recently. As soon as he learned of the warrant, he contacted his lawyers who advised him to turn himself in.

Evans apparently beat the victim up so badly that he caused “serious injuries.” Sources close to Evans said the victim was trash-talking the British judge, and Evans insisted that he acted in self-defense.

No court date has been set so far.

There have been rumors circulating that Evans is dating ANTM creator and head judge Tyra Banks. The former supermodel denies the rumors, saying, “He’s like my little brother.” She also said he asks things like, “How come you don’t like younger guys like me?”

“So I’m his sister,” Banks continued. “But maybe — he may have a crush on his sister, but he’s my little brother.”

Banks also said, “I am his boss, but not in the bedroom. I am his boss at work.”