Why Are All Of ‘The Bachelor’ And ‘Bachelorete’ Alumni In Fiji?

If you follow everyone from Bachelor Nation on social networks, you will notice that a lot of them are in Fiji now. They are on what looks like a huge vacation, but nobody knows why they are there. Reality Steve was able to figure out why all of Bachelor Nation is hanging out in Fiji this week. Amanda, Sarah Vendal, Raven, Whitney, Becca, JoJo, and Jordan are all there.

There has been a lot of speculation that someone from The Bachelor is there getting married, but that isn’t the case at all. It turns out that they are all in Fiji so that they can help Robert Graham promote his business. His company is Vampped. Steve doesn’t really know why they are all there or what they are doing just that it has to do with Robert’s business. Everyone from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette likes to support each other, plus a trip to Fiji with your friends is always a great thing.

The company Vampped is a big one that Robert Graham of The Bachelorette is very involved in. Robert is a partner and the director of marketing. Their website explains what they do, and ABC is even one of their clients. Here is how the site explains what they do.

Trying to get your consumers’ attention?
We know, most of them are staring at their phones these days, not even saying hi.
Over half of the online adults ranging from 18-29 are constantly on their phone using social media to purchase and become influenced.
Brands are shifting their marketing strategies to social media platforms due to the increasing amount of consumers you are able to reach.
Social media has been proven to be the #1 way to reach your demographic and right consumer today.

There have been some rumors that Bachelor couple Becca Tilley and Robert Graham have split since they haven’t posted on social networks very much lately. These two are both on this trip, though. If they are over, then this Bachelor couple must be on good terms. Everyone would love to hear how they are doing, so maybe they will share some pictures from this big Bachelor event in Fiji.

When they confirmed they were dating, Becca gave a statement about it to Us Magazine.

“I am dating Robert. It’s fun. We’ve been friends for a long time and it was just a natural progression, and he’s just amazing and been patient with me.… I need someone that’s patient and willing to deal with me, and he’s been that way. So it’s been fun, it’s been an easy transition. We have the same group of friends so it’s very natural when we hang out.”

When a lot of the cast of The Bachelor ends up in one place, people assume there is a wedding or show being filmed. It just doesn’t sound like that is the case this time around, though. Robert has some pretty great friends to head there and help him support his business. Hopefully, they will share exactly what all went down with them while they were on the trip.

Are you surprised to hear why Bachelor Nation is in Fiji? Did you think that someone from The Bachelor was finally getting married? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don’t miss The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise both airing this summer on ABC. Right now, Rachel is filming her season of The Bachelorette.

[Featured Image By Ethan Miller/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]