Erika Jayne Responds To ‘Raunchy’ Allegations On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Erika Jayne made her dancing debut during last week’s episode of Dancing With the Stars and unfortunately, Len Goodman didn’t appreciate the sexual nature of her performance.

As fans of the ABC dancing competition may recall, Erika Jayne hit the ballroom with her partner, Gleb Savchenko, last Monday night for a racy performance of the salsa. Then, moments later, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was called out by Goodman, who claimed the dance was a bit too “raunchy” for his liking.

In response, Erika Jayne has spoken out against the judge’s double standards.

“You know what, I felt like it was being sexy. To each his own,” she countered during an interview with E! News on March 27. “I think sometimes we as women are held to a different standard than perhaps some other people.”

“I didn’t think it was raunchy,” Savchenko added. “I thought it was confident and sexy.”

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Erika Jayne’s performance last week was set to her latest single, “XXPEN$IVE.” Meanwhile, the reality star kept things much more tame during this week’s episode when she and Savchenko took to the ballroom for a traditional foxtrot.

“We’re dancing foxtrot. it’s going to be a traditional foxtrot with a little sexy twist in it,” he teased ahead of Monday night’s show. “Still Erika Jayne.”

“We’re doing us,” Erika Jayne confirmed.

Erika Jayne is the third Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star to appear on Dancing With the Stars — and the second star to perform with Savchenko. During Season 16, Savchenko took on Lisa Vanderpump but unfortunately, they were eliminated during Round 2.

“I mean, it’s a huge difference. This one is not the fainting type,” he admitted of the differences between the two Real Housewives cast members. “She works really, really hard and I’m really happy.”

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Throughout her run on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika Jayne has allowed fans into her private life as Erika Girardi, the wife of Tom Girardi and mother of Tommy Zizzo, and kept her alter ego’s appearances on the show to a minimum. That said, fans have seen some of Erika Jayne’s professional life on the show and earlier this season, she was seen hand-selecting a number of women to appear alongside her on stage.

Currently, Erika Girardi has been getting along with the majority of her co-stars, but it wasn’t always that way. When the reality star and pop singer first joined the cast, many of her fellow cast mates were taken back by her provocative alter ego — especially after watching her past music videos. Luckily, Girardi wasn’t bothered by the buzz.

“I’ve become rather desensitized to how much sexy I put out,” Erika Girardi admitted to People Magazine last month. “So when people are shocked about it, I’m like, ‘Really, why? I thought it was great!’ “

“It’s all relative,” she continued. “Living a more quiet conservative life, you come across one of my music videos and you probably are aghast, wondering, ‘Who is this woman and how is she possibly fitting in with these other women?’ But at the end of the day, I have much more in common with them than one might believe. We’re all performers at heart on that show.”

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